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    In this release, Kahuku now saves panel settings on suspending, and also adds a "Recent files" menu to the toolbar, so that you may switch files in the editor without showing the main side bar.


Kahuku is a brand new HTML editor for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Featuring a powerful text editor, and live web preview, Kahuku changes your Windows RT device into a powerful web design tool. Kahuku provides templates to get you started, and you can also edit existing web sites on your computer. You can create snippets of HTML, CSS or Javascript to speed development, and easily insert images, links and text formatting. You may preview your site while editing, or focus your efforts with a full screen editor. Choose a theme which suits your mood, either dark for night-time coding sessions, or bright and breezy. Kahuku is an editor, and it is recommended that you use a Windows RT or Window 8 device with a keyboard. Kahuku is under very active development, want a new feature? Let us know!


  • HTML editing, preview

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17 April 2013

This editor is a great new concept for Win 8. I submitted a feature request when it was first launched and it was baked in a week later! But since then there have been zero upates, and it really is too simple where I need features and too complex where it doesn't matter.


26 January 2013

I like it in general but I made the fatal mistake of changing the name of the folder that my web site was in. After that whenever I brought up Kahuku it tried to find the old web site and crashed when it couldn't. Since that was the site it tried to bring up every time I started it, it crashed whenever it was started and wouldn't let me try to choose a different folder or start a new site. I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it back. Not a huge deal, but it is sloppy coding.


22 January 2013

Excellent app. Only a few issues. Multi open files in tabs please. After inserting a tag from the panel, you cannot edit in the code view until you select the preview then the code view again. Would be nice if you could view just the preview pane. But realy this if very nice. I will gladly pay $15-20 if all these issues addressed.


9 January 2013

They have a good thing going here. My biggest ask however, as others have mentioned, is that they include ftp access for remote development. Add that, and it could easily become my go-to development platform while on the go. Intellisense might be nice someday, too. ;-)


31 December 2012

This app has a nice start, but is a bit overpriced and has a long way to go. The purpose of using a tablet is to be mobile. I need the ability to remotely edit content on my website without having to carry the entire offline version on my device. This app must support ability to connect to and edit content from a remote site mapped via FTP or similar. Until this is available, I will still need to use a thick app like Expression Web.


25 November 2012

Really cool, wish it incorporated Jslint or strict. As well better color coding in html docs, any tag should have a color so as to make plain text be different. Overall a solid development playground and perfect for when I am on the go with the Surface.


24 November 2012

This is the best HTML editor in the Windows 8 Store (at least for Surface) but there is a lot to be desired. File handling (switching between files you're editing) is cumbersome and creating new files is too onerous. If the devs simplified these features it'd be more usable. Price is also a bit too much for the current feature set.