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    Changes in version - Updated to Windows 8.1 - Support for small, medium and wide tile sizes A major update will be provided once Windows 10 has been released.

Kanji Book

Kanji Book is a Japanese-English-Japanese dictionary, and kanji (Chinese character) dictionary, that lets you quickly navigate between related information in the word dictionary and the kanji dictionary. Given a word in the dictionary, you can easily show explanations for each of the characters it consists of. For a character, you can quickly find all the different words it is used in. Are you trying to read a Chinese character, but you don't know its meaning or pronunciation? Then you can just draw it, and Kanji Book will find it for you.


  • Japanese-English-Japanese dictionary
  • Kanji dictionary with readings, meanings and other information
  • Kanji stroke order diagrams
  • Search by handwriting kanji (or alphabet) using mouse or touch
  • Conversion between alphabet, hiragana and katakana

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22 June 2015

This could be the second best electronic japanese dict, almost as amazing as the ios "imiwa" app, if it were available offline-wise! I'll come back with 5 stars if you developers make the switch!


30 December 2014

Better if kanji strokes animate.


15 September 2014

Doesn't open anymore


13 March 2014

Nice app that works and ad free.


23 February 2014

I'm a bit disappointed as I thought this app would teach me to write kanji. If there was a split screen where you could write the kanji next to the stroke order model, then it would be more useful to me. That's what I thought it did when I downloaded it.


17 February 2014

I was surprised to see how well the kanji handwriting recognition works... it hasn't failed me yet! Rather than the usual methods of inputting the number of strokes and looking up radicals, I just draw the kanji (just using my finger and not doing it very neatly) and the potential matches appear below. So far the first match has been spot on for every character I've looked up, some of which were pretty complicated! You can also use keyboard input or copy/paste of course, seems like a good dictionary in general but for me being able to draw the character (with okurigana if needed) and see what it is makes this my new favorite studying tool! :)


12 February 2014

I take a few hours to study and this app makes learning new kanji and their various readings much easier. This has earned a spot on my limited tile space.


22 January 2014

I have this app for my Lumia 920 and it comes in handy unbelievably often. As a relatively new student and speaker of Japanese, whenever I run into a series of kanji I don't know, I am usually unable to snap-read the phrase. This set of applications has both made it possible for me to read without asking my teacher every five seconds what a word means and has expanded my vocabulary hugely. I highly recommend.


23 December 2013

Works great on my ASUS VivoTab Smart


27 November 2013

I found the interface to be simple to use and great to look at. My favorite part about the app is the handwriting portion. I can write kanji on my Surface and the app will recognize the kanji. However, I need to work on my handwriting skills... Anyhow, great app for those looking to learn kanji or expand their abilities!

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