Revolutionary Investing: Kapitall is an intuitive, user-friendly investing platform with logos in place of ticker symbols, minimum jargon and easy-to-use tools. Play in three modes: practice, tournament and live to learn, compete, and trade. It's simple, if you can drag and drop, then you can trade. Kapitall launch contest for Windows app users: Your chance to win a Surface Pro 2! On April 24th, Kapitall is kicking off its Windows Store app launch with the Kapitall Tournament for Windows 8.1! To play, download the app from the Windows Store, and start investing with your free Kapitall Koins! (No cash necessary). Kapitall offers the Tournament for Windows 8.1 – Surface Tournament (“Tournament”), a one-time stock portfolio Tournament between Kapitall members based on virtual money. This one-time Tournament will begin Thursday April 24, 2014 at 9:30am EST and end on Friday, May 30, 2014 at 4pm EST. Playing - Each Portfolio begins the Tournament with one hundred thousand (100,000) in virtual Kapitall Dollars to create and manage a practice portfolio of NYSE, NASDAQ and/or OTC equities. This is a simulated stock market game that is based on practice mode and will have no cash value. A player may place buy and sell orders throughout the duration of the Tournament. The players with the top three (3) highest percentage returns will win a Microsoft Surface prize. Prizes - We offer prize incentives for First, Second, and Third Place.* 1st – Surfrace Tablet and 500 Kapitall Koins 2nd – Surface Tablet and 250 Kapitall Koins 3rd – Surface Tablet and 100 Kapitall Koins Top 50 – 50 Kapitall Koins All players - 10 Kapitall Koins See website for full Terms & Conditions: https://www.kapitall.com/framework/#?tool=About&params=Terms&options=SurfaceMarketMastersTerms


  • Practice with a $100k Practice Portfolio to grow your skills risk free.
  • Compete against fellow Kapitallists in our monthly tournaments to win cash, Koins and prizes. including cash and Koins.
  • Trade stocks and ETFs. No minimum deposit or balance required.
  • Open an account today for a bonus up to $200 cash.
  • Happy Hour: Daily two for one trades flash deals.

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17 August 2015

Some times playing a game is the way to learn a new skill.


14 March 2015

I am learning, it's confusing but I think that this will help.


8 February 2015

one of the best app in the store


6 February 2015

Password Reset?! What a joke. Reset five times and failed to logon five times. Thanks, but no thanks!


3 January 2015

I've only been using it for about a week, but I like it. Also, a big plus is that it actually updates faster than my bank website does... not a plus for the bank though... (Bank of the Ozarks sucks)


26 December 2014

Great ui


17 December 2014

I've been using the website for months and I'm glad I found the windows app. But I would like to report that user pictures display weird, hope you can get it fixed. Thanks and keep it up!


4 October 2014

Essential to anyone trying to learn how to invest in stocks. The hands-on aspect of buying and selling teaches more than a book ever could, (you should still read as much as you can.) I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn how to be successful.


22 September 2014

It competes very well against other investment programs. I'd like an easier way to set up stock data to get going.


4 September 2014

Perfect app for someone wanting to learn how to invest. Interface is amazing although it feels clunky and sluggish at times. Keep up the great work guys!

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