K Bible is an offline Bible reading and search app. - Track your Bible reading in any order, by chapter. - Check off what you have read and see your progress. - K Bible comes with 5 public domain Bible translations preloaded. - Intuitive and comfortable to use. Swipe to next or previous chapter. - Search Old Testament, New Testament, or All; search for all words or any words. More features to come.


  • OffLine Bible Reading (internet connection not required)
  • Unique Bible reading tracker
  • Word and string search
  • Five free Bible versions included
  • Easy to read and navigate
  • Free with no ads
  • Browse history
  • Go to verse directly (Type Book/Chapter/Verse).

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2 February 2016

I uninstalled the app by mistake and cannot reinstall. I tried several times and I receive a confirmation it was installed but when I look it doesn't appear on my device.


14 June 2015

You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a good offline Metro app Bible for Windows. YouVersion does not yet support offline reading for Windows, and Glo doesn't work offline. KBible is simple, looks nice, and does just what I need - I can read without being connected to the Internet. I wish you could choose a serif font. I would also love to see the NET translation available, though I was glad to see that the WEB was included.


6 May 2015

I have not found a bible app that is as well laid out, easy to use, and read, and with as nice of features. What is lacking is translations. None of them are completely "modern" English. NET is available in the public domain and NIV, NASB and ESV should be available for purchase. Please keep developing this app, you've got the best start.


28 April 2015

I absolutely LOVE this online bible. It would be PERFECT with the ability to highlight. I really need that feature. Without it, I will have to uninstall and use another app. Please add highlighting because I really enjoy and prefer to keep using this one.


31 March 2015

Awesome job, love the app.


11 March 2015

Awesome apps.. clean metro UI.. It will be great if you could add Indonesian "Terjemahan Baru" Bible version.


24 February 2015

KBible has a fairly clean UI I and enough translations that you'll likely find one you're comfortable with. Tracking progress is a little gimmicky if you're doing repeat readings of a book or skipping around, but it's satisfying and might encourage you to actually read and dip your toes into some more unfamiliar books. The lack of ability to append notes to verses or chapters or do highlighting is a bummer, especially if you're on a Surface or other stylus equipped device. I'd love the ability to write in the margins. But, also not a dealbreaker. The app is clean and easy to navigate and could easily be your main Bible. Searching is easy and pleasant. It really does have about all the polish and thoughtful design you could want in a Bible .


19 February 2015

Would be good to be able to increase the font size. And to modify the background (eg light-colored font on dark background ). To take notes and make bookmarks too.


17 February 2015

This is a very good Bible app, but only if one is satisfied with the quantity of translations (which is quite small) and the fact the app only displays all its features when in full screen. Part of the app is cut off when the app is used in split-screen mode. I like the use of the Modern UI features in full screen, though.


12 February 2015

Great Bible app! Simple and easy to navigate. One of the better Bible apps I've used. Can't wait for additional features!

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