Kings James Bible

Read the Bible in King James Version (KJ). 1. Listen to any chapter from the Bible. 2. Send verses via email, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of sharing. 3. Copy verses, even the whole chapter if needed. 4. Search the Bible. 5. Add bookmarks. 6. Highlight text. 7. Add notes. 8. Read the Bible in one year. 9. Add (Info) to your calendar. 10. Saves your recently read chapters. 11. Find text on page. 12. Pin your favorite verse to Start Screen. Customize: Change the verse color, padding, indent, spacing, font size, font family and opacity. We provide 10 stock images but if you want to you can add your own background image, or background color.


  • Search, Audio, Bible One Year.
  • Bookmarks, Notes, Recently Read.

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17 November 2015

Is the best book I have ever read, the Bible tells us the past, present and the future. How things came to being.


22 September 2015

How can I remove this app


13 August 2015

I have installed and Uninstalled this app several times, it would be a good app but they still have not fixed the selection boxes which go so small you can't read them


8 August 2015

When the ads refresh it makes it so you are not able to scroll, its blasphemy that they put ads next to the bible, especially the type of ads being shown.. I deleted app immediately


23 June 2015

This Bible App is good. It has both search engines and audio. But you need an internet connection to use it.


2 May 2015

This Bible allows you to search for a Bible text without typing for those nights you want to recline and read, and it even reads to you so you can sleep submerged in scripture! I have no qualms with this app.


3 February 2015

Love this app. It compliments my reading.


29 December 2014

I downloaded this and when I tried to use it with the audio I had no controls for that option. If I just wanted to read it was fine however its hard for me to see so the audio option had me very excited. I ended up uninstalling :(


11 November 2014

It's like attending the mass in the catholic church! I will use this in my daily Bread. The audio is very clear. Thanks for making this app.


29 September 2014

This used to be an okay app, but no longer even close. It's never been easy to navigate, and now since the developer(s) hid the menu allowing you to jump from one book in OT to NT and vice-versa, and disabled search (apparently unless you pay), it now quite user-unfriendly. In addition, the app now has advertising banners at the top and bottom of the screen, in your face and in the way (again, unless you pay to get rid of). It's nowhere near as good or capable as the FREE MySword for Android app. That's the baseline for all apps I want to see on the Windows Store, not something that looks like it belongs on a Fisher Price toy. There's no reason we shouldn't expect better quality that rivals even full-blown Windows desktop software.

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