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Kingdom Hearts Wiki app for Windows. The Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a free encyclopedia focusing on the Kingdom Hearts video game series. The Kingdom Hearts Wiki attempts to document all things related to Kingdom Hearts, from elements of storyline to gameplay. The Kingdom Hearts Wiki is free and built by fans just like you! Send us feedback on the mobile apps page: Apps Like the content of the wiki, the source code is 100% open source under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (CC-BY-SA), and can be accessed from the mobile apps page. If you're a developer and want to help, be sure to tell KeybladeSpyMaster on his talk page! talk:KeybladeSpyMaster Special thanks to Brion Vibber and the Wikipedia Mobile Apps team for their help and patience while developing this app. Neither this app nor the Kingdom Hearts Wiki are affiliated or connected with Square Enix Holdings, LTD., the Walt Disney Company, their partners or their subsidiaries. Kingdom Hearts, the Kingdom Hearts series, related games, characters, and media are the property of Square Enix Holdings, LTD, and The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.


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