Knitventory is simple to use and allows you to keep track of your knitting needle stash, whether it’s big or small. The wizard helps you add the brand, description, material, size, length, type, and count for each knitting needle. Then a colorful grid displays your needles by brand, material, or size. Your data is saved locally as well as to your SkyDrive so you can access your inventory from multiple devices. The application has a SampleData feature allows a brand new user of the application to see how their knitting needles will be displayed. The SampleData feature can be turned off via the Preferences flyout pane and then you may begin entering in your own inventory of needles.


  • Sorting your knitting needles by brand, material, or size US; additional sort options will be added in future releases
  • Searching via the Search Charm which is especially useful if you have a large stash of needles
  • Sharing your knitting needles via the Share Charm
  • View your collection at a glance on the GroupedItemsPage
  • See the knitting needles by group and view details of the knitting needle
  • Easy wizard let's you enter in data about each of your knitting needles
  • Preferences page allows you set your default view of knitting needles
  • MoreInfo" popup displays all the details about the selected knitting needle
  • Pin your favorite knitting needle(s)

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13 March 2013

Pretty good! A lot of detail with each needle! Love that you can see brand names. Icons are great idea, makes it easy to find what you want! Still has couple problems, listed all my size 5's under separate headings. Listed the 0's with the 10's. Won't connect to internet, so can't share info.