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    New: XML import, creating flowcharts from pseudocode, embedding tables in items, inserting appointments and many new formatings. We're working hard on building the best mind and concept mapping program ever, but we need your help. If you have any suggestions for further updates, please let us know. We will do our best to include them in one of the next updates. In case of problems, please contact us directly by e-mail. Only then we will have the opportunity to respond to your questions and help you solving your problem. Thank you.

KnowledgeBase Builder

Create Mind Maps by Text Analysis or Wikipedia Import and memorize them with Flashcards. With the InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder, you can create mind maps and flowcharts of almost unlimited size, which are displayed partially by the program. This allows you to organize all your ideas and knowledge in a browsable cross-linked chart and memorize them by the help of the flashcards method. You can even create complex process charts and decision trees just as well. The layout is recalculated automatically for each view. You have the choice between a mind map and a flowchart layout and a table view, where items can be rearranged by drag and drop. Clicking on an item brings it to the center of the diagram and as such allows you to navigate from view to view. You can also do a full text search for item names and jump directly to the item you have found. One highlight of the program is the Wikipedia import, where all articles referring to a selected topic are automatically transferred into the diagram. The data is stored in a local database file, which has the same format on all supported devices, so that you can edit your database alternately on Android or on Windows. Your data can be exported as a formatted HTML text document with a table of contents, the mathematical formulas and the images. Other highlights are the powerful text analysis function, which allows you to automatically create mind maps by marking text passages in a document, and the assignment of categories to items and relations. Images can be attached to each item and displayed in an image preview. You can also display small iconic images next to each item.


  • Create Mind Maps by Text Analysis or Wikipedia Import and memorize them with Flashcards
  • Create complex flowcharts, decision trees and process charts
  • Download Wikipedia articles and automatically build a mind map out of them
  • For text analysis, mark text locations in order to take them over as new items into the diagram
  • Mind Map and Flowchart layout
  • HTML text notes for items
  • 3D view
  • Enter description text for items and relations and display it as tooltip
  • Navigate in the diagram by tapping on an item or doing a full text search for the item name
  • Create new items and connection lines by drag and drop
  • Export the diagram as bitmap or as a formatted html text document
  • Import CSV data into the diagram
  • Attach images to items and display them in an image preview
  • Insert iconic images directly into items
  • Diagrams can be printed and shared with other apps
  • Table view, where items can be rearranged by drag and drop

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11 July 2015

Great design, Very decent user interface. Smooth navigation. What I like most is the visualization of tags, notes, and pop-up description on the nodes. This should be the standard of application if Microsoft wants more users to use modern app in Win8. Great work, developers.


29 May 2015

Wired but simple. Little traditional documentation beside some example videos, but with a few minutes of experimentation along with the videos, you will be making mind maps easily. Doesn't get in the way like Visio and other more general software. For my purposes (personal GTD, project structure and management, it's quite helpful. And so very easy to use and powerful. Selection-dependent Item and relation category filters are so easy to use it's funny. And the highlighter auto node creation is astonishing. A useful range of import and export options too. And there is a free desktop version.


12 May 2015

I would love to have the ability to move the items around and arrange them in any order I like.


3 February 2015

3d idea is good. shortcuts, not bad, like using "insert" button for creating new item. there is a perfect feature in "text area" that if you select a part of text then automatically creates new node. But it is buggy. If it is a big text and exeeds text window i mean scroll down, When you select a text, after selection, every time pointer goes back the top of the text. This is horrible. navigation is also very poor. Browse back -browse forward buttons usually can't work. No presentation mode on win 8 metro version. many time Mouse clicks can't get reaction from the mind map probably bacause of written with java. I guess win 8 metro and java still aren't ready to be together. so, need to keep go on searching right mind map software on Windows 8. Inforapid knowledgebase is definitally not a candidate for this.


6 December 2014

The only native format. Would like to see others, such as mmp, etc...


29 November 2014

Wonderful program with a ton of features. Very intuitive and easy to immediately get started on your next idea or project. Well done.


25 October 2014

KnowledgeBase Builder is great. I hate all things linear. This app lets me mind map my to do list.


3 September 2014

Very easy to get started doing a basic map. Read the developers website for additional tools that may not be readily obvious.


19 July 2014

The visual appeal is nice! Just putting the map on a tilted plane with shadows works wonders for my orientation to the data. The drop shadows are nice. I would like to see the developer keep pushing the mapping approach and make this work like a touch friendly GIS mapping program. I think it would be great to zoom, pan and orbit the data to further strengthen the dimensional association with list items.


5 May 2014

So far, this looks promising on my Surface RT. But it could be more touch-friendly than it is mouse-friendly. And the Web site says your private edition is free, but I can't tell which edition I have from the title.

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