Language Translation

Language Translation is a handy little app that takes care of all your language translation needs. Searching the web for translation services will be a thing of the past once you make the switch to Language Translation for Windows 8. We hope Language Translation becomes a useful and important addition to your collection of handy utility apps. We plan on a very active development cycle, so please spread the word and keep sending us your feedback! Thanks :)


  • Extremely ease to use interface that is slick and clutter-free
  • Ability to make translations in dozens of languages such as English, German, French Spanish and many more!

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7 July 2015

how do you use this


15 January 2015

This used to be the best language translation app. ever. Recently I went to try and use it and nothing happened. I have tried everything I can think of to get it to work and nothing. I don't get it, what happened????? If anyone knows what I have to do to get this fixed please let me know because I want this app. Back again. Please help me fix this app.... When I type something in the to be translate (doesn't matter what the language) the to be translated side stays blank... It doesn't matter what the language is for either side?


6 December 2014

Great idea, except it doesn't work!!!


30 November 2014

Why in the world is it just not doing anything I type something and the translator just sits there as if nothing happened please fix it


21 July 2014

Does not seem to work under Windows 8.1. Sad, it was a good app.


21 June 2014

This piece o' crap doesn't work.


16 June 2014

I thought it was me. Everyone says "its so easy". Looks like all other translator websites. Does not work apparently in Win 8.1. No wonder, I thought I was missing something.


10 June 2014

After trying this myself and loading it on my Windows 8.1 tablet it seems that it is no longer supported on new software. Other reviews seem to indicate the same thing. How many bad rating will be posted before they upgrade it?


2 May 2014

Would be all the much better if it actually worked. Won't pin to the taskbar, won't translate, no support. If I could give it zero stars, I would.


6 April 2014

It would not populate the answer on the other side. This is a new tablet

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