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    v10.2 - Added dark/white theme and minor theme changes. - Added "Text contrast: High" to style settings. - Added "copy" (title) to preview title context menu. - Added font feature setting CALT (e.g. improving "RT" in Vollkorn typeface). - Fallback typeface for dyslexiefont is now Comic Sans (really!). - ALT/ALT-GR keypresses in add tag or add item dialogs does not close the flyout anymore.


A Pocket (formerly Read It Later) client. You need a Pocket (http://getpocket.com/) account to use the app. Version 5.x is developed for Windows 10. A few features (like pin or print an article and share) are only available on some platforms like desktop, tablet or phone but not on e.g. the XBOX. View and read your Pocket bookmarks in a customizable, zoomable and printable reader mode, in an integrated native webview, or open them in your browser directly. Edit your Pocket lists (archive, favorite, tag, or delete single or multiple items) Sort or filter your bookmark lists by category or tags or search for specific bookmarks. Download articles (most articles including images, not audio or video though) for offline reading (articles viewed once are downloaded anyway). Share a bookmark from Latermark to other apps (like Mail). Put Latermark on your lockscreen and pin individual items to your Start screen for quick access. Share links to Pocket via Latermark through the Windows share function (from e.g. Edge or Twitter) when online and even offline. Please note that only items viewable in "Reader mode" can be read out, printed, or downloaded for offline reading. For news about the app, for feature requests or to report a problem please visit @latermarkapp at Twitter. (also linked in Settings/About). Thank You!


  • Save links to Pocket via the share charm with Latermark (when online or offline)
  • View your Pocket unread, archive and favorite lists (searchable, filterable by type or tags and sortable)
  • Read articles or view images in a customizable, zoomable and printable reader mode or webview
  • Mark (single or multiple) items as read/unread, favorite, tag or delete them from Pocket
  • Pin single items to you Start screen
  • Listen to read out articles (may not be available on all devices)
  • Download articles for offline viewing (including images, no audio/video)
  • Live tiles and lockscreen support
  • Share Pocket bookmarks to other apps

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15 August 2015

Needs some touch ups but it's promising overall. Plenty of theme options for free unlike Poki.


27 April 2015

The App Works very well.


15 February 2015

This was one of the first apps I downloaded when I got my surface and I'm very happy with it. It allows me to go through my bookmarks in a nice list view and tagging is easy. I haven't yet saved anything to Pocket from my surface, so no comment there. Only key feature that would be useful that is either missing or I can't figure out is searching by tags. I have to scroll through the list myself and look at the tags I'm looking for, which takes a bit since I have over 50 bookmarks at the moment. Looking forward to seeing the app developed further.


25 October 2014

Today I've discovered the last two "must have" apps to allow me to replace my old Android tablet with a Windows tablet: Flipboard and Latermark. I've been reliant on Pocket for a couple of years, and kept waiting for a Win8 version. I'm so pleased to find Latermark, which does all that I need from Pocket, including (most importantly) offline reading. Thank you! Update - the latest version really smoothed out the interface, especially updating articles. I no longer feel any need for the official Pocket app on WinRT at all. Nice job!


15 October 2014

Works perfectly...Only 2 small areas where it could be improved. First, included a way to sort by length of articles and include word count for each. Second, add a design for when articles don't produce an image...a black circle just makes it too easy to skip over. Maybe a random colored circle or some other unique design. Thanks for your work!


28 September 2014

Whenever I try to log in, I get stuck at the "Connecting to a service..." screen. I cannot log in with my Pocket username and password. Any help would be appreciated.


26 August 2014

The app UI is great. But it's buggy in offline downloading and the support email is broken and fails in delivery. Please fix it!


20 August 2014

Works great. Two hints. 1) There are settings for margins, color, downloading articles, and more in the settings charm. Took me a while to find it (which is Microsoft's fault, not the developer's). 2) There's an overly-discrete arrow for showing/hiding your article list. Again, it took me a while to find it, but I was much happier once I did.


12 August 2014

I didn't use this app so often because the UI wasn't really up to par in my opinion. The brand new version is so much better! This app really feels great and has the looks to match its functionality. I paid for the ad-free option and even gave a little extra to the dev for such good work. Keep it coming!


25 July 2014

Why doesn't it default to new items? Instead, it always shows my archive. I would pay to upgrade this app if this didn't persist.

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