LDS Pages

LDS Pages is a simple and completely free app to study and read the scriptures (Standard Works only) on your Windows 8 tablet or computer.


  • Mark verses
  • Read entire Standard Works
  • Simply themed and nicely designed
  • Fastest scripture reader in Windows Store
  • 100% free. No ads, no nag screen, no payment of any type

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7 September 2014

Good basic online scripture app. Contains all the LDS scriptures. Limited marking, only allows highlighting, four colors. Does not at this time allow underlining or creating colors to highlight with.


9 May 2014

These are the standard scriptures of the LDS church


28 February 2014

A very good way to study the scriptures to learn about the prophets and their miracles in their day down to ours today. Like Noah and the Ark, Lehi, and Nephi, and our Savior Jesus Christ and his teachings to us today through modern day Prophets.


21 February 2014

Thank you ''Johney'' for creating this app. It is very useful and you can get to Doctrines and covenants, The Holy Bible, The book of Mormon, etc quick and easy. Amen!


4 October 2013

I really like this app and it is great for reading and studying, however I think there should be a bookmark tool to quickly get back to where you had left off. Otherwise a good app.


12 September 2013

this is a basic app with no frills. It's fine except that when you're ready to go to the next chapter, you have to go back to the table of contents and then click on the number of the next chapter. why can't there be a way to go from the page you're on to the next without having to leave the page? I never know the number of the chapter I'm on!


1 September 2013

This app is great. It only has the standard works. It works great on the Surface RT. I got this app because the LDS Gospel Library wasn't on the marketplace yet.


30 June 2013

AMAZING I can bring my laptop to church now I am also a Mormon so that's why I needed a place so I can read my scriptures for church.


17 May 2013

Good app, but wish I could zoom in.....also section 20 of d&c verse 68 has a typo, it says bbaptism


24 April 2013

I installed this on my Dell XPS 10. It seemed to install ok, but I've never been able to get it to run. I've emailed the developer and asked for help. He was kind enough to help but couldn't resolve the issue. I can't find the files to uninstall, and the app stores shows that it's installed. Thanks for your effort, I just wish it worked.

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