Learn Alphabets & Numbers

Learning Alphabets & Numbers is the app for Kids and those people who are just beginner to Alphabets and Numbers and it can be used as a home tutor . This app has been divided into four parts which are as follow- 1.Learn Alphabets 2.Take a quiz for alphabets 3.Learn Numbers 4.Take a quiz for Numbers In this ,Learning Module will consist of description of every alphabets and numbers with their examples and after studying it user can give quiz based on that learning module. In quiz each alphabet and number will come one by one and you have to identify that Alphabet or Number and press that key from your keyboard matching with that alphabet or number.


  • Animations of each and every alphabet or number
  • User friendly and easy to learn.

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3 May 2013

check if your letters or numbers are in sync with the flash cards, needs to corrects that immediatly


22 November 2012

cool and funky graphics...makes an interactive way of learning for kids.....nice initiative by the developer....