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Free games to play for English Crossword solver word Puzzles. An English Crossword Search educational game for Kindergarten kids,which will not only enhance your children's vocabulary but make them memorize theme-based words and help them distinguish the words in a particular category. Arctic Alphas narrates the story of a group of Arctic animals who have lost their home due to global warming and the player now has to freeze English words on the grid which in turn changes to ice cubes. Once the child has collected enough ice-cubes, he/she can build their homes. It is a fun-friendly and level based game that caters to the children of age group 6+ yrs. The game comprises of 64 levels that contain a huge array of words from diverse topics and each word is carefully distributed according to the word complexity level and topics. With a clean and simple interface, this games provides fun as well as a relaxing experience. A child can grasp from basic topics like animals, fruits, vegetables, flowers, countries etc. to complex topics like farm animals, flightless birds, green vegetables, etc, while playing word puzzle games. Not only does these mobile games amaze children with limited time frame challenges but also provides a huge replay with several engaging twists and mechanics that makes the game challenging as well as interesting. Kids will enjoy making words and build their English Vocabulary with this word finder.Help children enhance their vocabulary and English dictionary from words from diversified domains.The word maker moves in complexity gradually so that kids are challenged while participating in the fun filled arctic activities. IT'S WORTH A TRY! So, without thinking much, HIT INSTALL and PLAY and let us know your feedback!


  • 64 levels with a huge collection of words from various topics.
  • Dynamic grid with intelligently scaling difficulty.
  • Engaging twist and mechanics provide easy and immersive game play.
  • A fun way to enhance and test your vocabulary skills.

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21 December 2015

Keep us engaging and interesting way to teach kids words and vocabulary.


18 December 2015

Very interesting and addictive. 4 stars.