Lil Devils

Do you like action shooting games with a great story and funny characters? Welcome to Lil Devils, a very cool action game where you need to abolish the demons invasion from your hunted mansion! The main idea is simple, these spooky little devils have a bad sulfur smell and they want to set your home on fire, yes they want to burn your house down! Thankfully, they hate holy water so all you need to do is to take that and shoot them with it before you get overrun by them. Do not forget to put out all the fires; the fire smoke and the sulfur smell increases the toxicity on the room and it will take you down. Lil Devils will gradually get more intense, with more and more spooky devils appearing within your home, so you need to use the holy water and your skills in order to fight each demon wave as quick as possible. There are many rooms to choose from as you play, as well as two game modes, story mode and the endless one. You can control your gun simply by swiping the screen, using the motion sensor of your phone/table or via a D-PAD. If you want to have some fun or lose some pressure, Lil Devils is the best way to do it, so come and test your reaction skills and wits in one of the best shooting games! NOTE: More rooms and spooky devils will be included in the upcoming updates!


  • The game contains many devil classes to fight in the different rooms of your house
  • Play story or endless mode
  • 4 controls, device motion sensors (Accelerometer / Compass), D-pad, swiping and keyboard
  • Adjust your shooting button (left/right).
  • Vibration on game ending