Live Clock

Main application Live Tile shows the local time zone's time and date. Create custom clocks for each time zone. Each clock can be pinned as a Live Tile with Time and Date on the Windows Start Screen.


  • Unlimited Clocks.
  • Assign custom title to each clock.
  • Live Tile shows time, month & day, weekday name and title.
  • Custom Tile background color.
  • Live Tile font color can be customized to light or dark depending on background tile color.
  • App shows an analog clock, title, digital date and time for each customized time zone.
  • Ability to Snap application to side of the screen.
  • Live Tiles.
  • Pin any Clock as a Secondary Live Tile showing time and date.
  • Each Pinned Clock shows custom background image.
  • Main application Live Tile shows the local time zone's time and date.
  • Support for both Wide and Small Live Tiles.

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20 April 2015

Need ability to set by your current location, or a remote city name. I.e. boston instead of having to look it up! No ALARMS.... on a clock app... youre kidding right? Why cant I optionally pin the coolround wall looking clock as a tile instead of the bland square one to my start screen? Maybe once you guys add some more features / polish to it ill up the stars. Thanks


18 August 2014

This clock works perfectly. It displays the correct time. And it works in Windows 8.1. It's nice having such a large clock snapped to one side, too! Thanks for the great app.


1 March 2014

Install in my win 8.1,click the icon, nothing happened, no customer support at all. Waste the money


20 November 2013

The time is always incorrect by 3 hours. Looking at other time zones, they're also incorrect. What good is a clock that changes to the wrong time?


19 November 2013

Disappointing but at least the live tile works


1 July 2013

Having to lookup time zone for each city is a bit of a pain. Also, the Provide Feedback function is not linked to an actual e-mail address.


30 June 2013

Very simple clock - but it works and keeps time quite steadily in the tile which is all one could ask for. Begs the question why Microsoft didn't put one in - but all the better that the community gets a little kickback instead. Well worth $1.49.


29 June 2013

Effectively replaces functionality missing from Windows 8, the ability to glance at the start menu and see the time at a glance. Works well. My suggestion would be to remove the Time Zone from the live tile and use the additional space to make the other characters a little larger or bolder. Otherwise excellent.


19 March 2013

Works as advertised -- I wanted a simple clock & date in a Live Tile and this fits the bill. Multiple clocks (for different time zones) feature is a nice plus. Hard to believe how hard it was to find a simple Live Tile clock that worked!!


15 February 2013

I liked this app enough to buy it and it is well worth the price. It does exactly what is promises -- error and trouble free. I like being able to have multiple instances so I can have different time zones on my start page ...makes keeping track of my mom's time (Central) and mine (Alaska) easier to see. I recommend it highly.

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