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  • Published by: Red Cell Innovation Inc. ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United Kingdom)
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    Fourth release Bug fix: Under some conditions would still show ads after in-app purchase. We'd love to hear your suggestions and how you use the app. feedback@redcell.ca

Live Event Sound & Music Panel

Play your songs and sound effects at the touch of a button. An audio player with large simplified buttons fro ease of use. Suitable for live events such as: sports events, theatre, classrooms, workout classes (aerobics, step, spinning, Zumba, etc.), dance classes, and parties. The problem: My softball team really liked how the Toronto Blue Jays players each have a theme song that played when they are up to bat. We wanted to do the same thing. Unfortunately, we found that using an MP3 player or iPhone for this purpose was very awkward. We would often start the wrong song or have a hard time seeing the song titles. It was also a chore to "train" teammates to be the "D.J." The solution: This app solves this problem. Each of the buttons is large and easy to see. You can pick the correct song each time, no matter how big your fingers are. Since the songs are named and organized in the filesystem, not the app, there is no data entry or creating of playlists required. The fades are very professional. WINDOWS STORE EXCLUSIVE


  • Group your clips by simply putting them in folders in Windows Explorer.
  • Each group can be assigned different colour simply by renaming the folder e.g. "Dance tracks.#ff0000"
  • Add large-print abbreviations for each song/clip by renaming it e.g. "BN.boogie-nights.mp3"
  • Song/clip buttons: Tap a song/clip to select it.
  • Play button: Tap to start playback, or enable One-touch Play to start as soon as a song/clip is selected.
  • Stop button: Tap to stop playback immediately.
  • Fade button: Tap to smoothly fade out the song/clip. The duration and type of the fade can be changed in Settings.
  • All features are present in this version. To remove ads or to use for commercial purposes, please use the in-app purchase.
  • Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA (full list at http://bit.ly/XnmrfO)
  • NEW: The app now includes a tutorial video.

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4 June 2016



10 September 2015

I like the app but how do I interface with windows sound recorder?


15 August 2015

sound clips stop playing when the app is not open on screen. This is a problem if you accidentally hit the home button... please fix this!


11 July 2015

This app is very useful. I like it because it has lots of information on it.


24 March 2015

We (at Davis Musical Theatre Company; dmtc.org) had to replace our old light board with a computerized one. When we got our new Windows 8.1 PC, we downloaded this app...LIFE SAVER FOR SOUND EFFECTS AT A LIVE THEATER!!!!!!!! I then bought the app after using it and it is the best app we own! Highly recommended!!!!!! Wish I can give it 10 stars!!!


8 October 2014

What an awesome little program. It is nice to see something that just works! Bells and whistles not needed, just a simple sound player. Thank you.


23 September 2014

nice little app great for podcasting radio. I like it only thing is it looks too low tech and the volume control should be wider to move with finger slide. I give it 4 star cause its the only app that comes close to what I need..


18 May 2014

Makes it easy to launch samples or whole songs. Everything right up front on a pad.


21 February 2014

UPDATE: Works quite well--we're going to use it for our production. Very nice to have a touch-screen interface for the various sound effects (gunshots, slaps, musical numbers) we're using. I really like that the targets you have to hit to cue the sound are nice and big. Our sound guy has a copy of the script w/the #s for the effects marked in the margin, so it's reasonably foolproof. One thing that keeps me from giving 5 stars is the sound file management. I don't mind arranging things in windows explorer, but having to dig up the hex color codes & name the files sequentially in order to get them to show up in the order I need is pretty ghetto. I'd much prefer a color-picker and drag-to-order sort of UI. For $10 I don't think that's too much to ask.