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Stuck in the airport terminal with endless delays? Live near an airport and want to find out what's going on? Have you always wondered what pilots talk to air traffic controllers about? Now you can stop wondering and tune in live! LiveATC for Windows provides a quick and easy way to listen in on live conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers near many airports around the world. LiveATC for Windows lets you search for airports by name, country and more. The LiveATC network (http://liveatc.net) is the world's largest network of streaming audio feeds focused solely on aviation, currently covering over 500 airports around the world with over 800 different audio feeds and growing daily! *** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** Please check to see if your country, city and/or airports of interest are covered by LiveATC *BEFORE PURCHASING* - check at: http://liveatc.net or within LiveATC for Windows during the trial term . Note that we currently have no coverage in the U.K., Germany, Italy and some other countries where streaming ATC communications is prohibited by local law. Available airports are subject to change at any time - LiveATC owns and operates many of the receivers used in the network but most are provided by volunteers working in cooperation with LiveATC. Available airports can change, sometimes due to reasons beyond LiveATC's control. Also, there is no guarantee that all feeds will be up 24/7, though we make our best effort to do so and have a great track record of uptime. Follow LiveATC for feed updates and breaking aviation and ATC-related news: Twitter: http://twitter.com/liveatc Facebook: http://facebook.com/liveatc


  • Listen to live air traffic control communications
  • See current weather radar map for U.S. airports

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24 September 2015

I'm using this app in Windows 8.1 on my desktop, and I get no sound even though it indicates the frequency is connected and is streaming. I can get sound when I go directly to the website LiveATC.net, and choose Windows Media Player. My sound device works, but this app doesn't seem to want to use it.


20 June 2015

The pause button on the bottom left corner does not work at all.


23 January 2015

Excellent app


31 December 2014

Glad I found this app. Using it while watching Flight Radar 24 is great. Able to watch the planes while listening to the radio traffic makes the experience all the better. Thanks!


11 September 2014

Nicely done app. Works exactly as described.


5 June 2014

OK, so I downloaded this for my WP8.1 (Nokia 822). What I don't like is that the weather map image is static- it doesn't play or all zooming. I installed this on my Win8.1U1 PC and discovered the same thing. The options available are pretty sparse- distance of radius around you and unit of measure (miles or KMs). The Live Tile shows you what you're listening to and is transparent, but the flip side is ugly- a white-grey background with their logo. I think what's worse is that the text (for the freq's) is light grey on a slightly darker-lighter grey background, and is tiny. I can't read the freq's without major squinting. There is zero information given about airports, other than selecting a channel. I am not having the issues stopping audio as some have mentioned. Overall, it just needs a couple of adjustments.


8 May 2014



24 January 2014

For any aviation enthusiast out there, this is a great little app to have. A very valuable tool for new pilots in training to get familiar with ATC communications to take away some of the fear of keying that mic for the first time... :-)


20 December 2013

I find it extremely interesting to eavesdrop on various airports. Especially useful during my many trips.


19 December 2013

As a pilot, I use this application to familiarize myself with procedures and ATC services for the places I travel. In KHOU they use the "company traffic" term a lot and in KDFW not so much. Having weather & airport diagrams are a definite plus. I wish there were some of the other airports other than large commercial and the ability to use frequency look up and display proximity for IATA codes of airports not covered (i.e. when I enter in KADS - display KDFW as an option). Great app though!

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