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    As promised we are back with more cool features. Current release is with few bug fixes and lot many enhancements, list can be found as below; • Set lock screen as soon as User adds First Image • File picker only displays images while browsed • Uniform behavior for Right Click to select image across screens • Lock Screenshot preview enhancement • Disabled “Add Lock screen” button if no images are selected • No internet availability scenario handled • Toast after adding pics to confirm action • Mouse hover issues in Charm options Now application offers three new major features to make it more user friendly... • Option to Disable lock screen auto shuffle – Now you can switch off automatic rotation if you are running out of battery (or just simply don’t want for now): Go to Charm -> settings • Enable User to Set LockScreen explicitly: Select single pic in “My LockScreens” collection -> App Bar • Displays the active Lock Screen background as Application background, this helps you to preview your lock screen as well as personalizes the application home page as per your choice of images


The application focuses on enabling you to choose what you like to see on your lock screen in the way you want it. You would never want to be driven by what others offer you, rather you take the control, you design your choice, you say what you like… yes this application is what you want it to be. Pick your images from local files, Bing image of the day, browse it on Bing image search, Connect you Camera, SkyDrive... lot more options to come… pick your images and you can see all those under your selected images catalog. The application will rotate the lock screen image with random pick from this catalog based on the time interval you set under the settings, refreshing your view of lock screen…


  • Lock Screen auto set
  • Image selection from Bing and Local directories
  • Image selection from Bing search engine, connected devices, Sky Drive
  • Auto Shuffle duration can be specified
  • Choose any single image as background from the created catalog
  • Turn ON or OFF the Auto Shuffle of images
  • Toast on lockscreen set
  • Preview of Lock Screen as App background

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6 May 2016

every so often, maybe after a few weeks time the app stops working on my Acer aspire windows 8.1. uninstalling it, then reinstalling it back seems to "fix" it, but then, after another while, the problem returns yet again. I have been on this treadmill quite a few times now & am getting frankly frustrated by the whole thing. I have been patient, but that has just about run out. I may be looking elsewhere.


25 March 2016

I just reinstalled Windows 8 on my PC, and installed this app, selected preferred pictures from library and opened them but they didn't showed up at all! I tried to go to Bing latest Backgrounds, selected the images from there, and clicked "add to lockscreens", and nothing happened! My lockscreen collection remains empty while the app was working perfectly fine before. I also tried reinstalling the app several times, but got same results. Plz fix this, cz this is my favorite app :(


13 March 2014

Very nice app. I especially like that it will let you use BING daily background pictures in the rotation.


12 February 2014

This app does exactly what it says it does. If you don't like the notifications they can be turned off in settings (charms which show when you swipe from right-hand side of screen, or mouse to lower right corner).


9 January 2014

Needs config setting to turn off popup when lock screen is changed.


3 July 2013

I was looking for an alternative to Chameleon as for some reason it wouldn't let me use a folder outside of "pictures" (which is just ridiculous!) So Lockerz is where I ended up. It does what it should, but the interface really needs work to make more of an impact, it's not necessarily practical either. Also the notification each time your lock screen changes desperately needs an "off" button. Changing the lockscreen it does well though.


16 May 2013

Nice little utility that I was looking for. Suggestion: while browsing pictures make thumbnails bigger and let me filter the list of files. Also, the mouse button "Back" should work like in other apps (though its Windows 8 itself does not use it consistently).


23 March 2013

Add a bunch of pictures and it shuffles through them. Exactly what I wanted. What's more is that they sync to my other machines which is great! You can also turn off the notification by going into pc settings > notifications


18 February 2013

I like the you can pick any of your own images. Having to activate each image for your lock screen is tedious - should be able to activate groups. Worst is that app crops your large images strongly. Small images are upsized and cropped as well. App speaks of "collection" section but that section cannot be found. Am uninstalling.


16 January 2013

there was an option to shut off its notifications. otherwise nice app

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