Longbow is a collection of 3 fun and challenging archery mini-games. Adjust your aim, draw your arrow, and strike distant targets to score big! Shoot for the bullseye in the village, knock over targets on the castle wall, or destroy barrels from horseback along the 4 mile stretch of mountainous terrain. Longbow's three distinct stages are easy to learn but challenging to master. You'll need to consider the wind, distance, and even your trusty steed's speed to consistently score high! Can you shoot an apple off someone's head? Turn a scarecrow into a pin cushion? These challenges and more await! Can you master the bow and become a true archer? HOW TO PLAY: Move our mouse to aim. Press and hold the left mouse button to draw your bow. Release the button to fire. In village mode: Check the wind speed and direction in the top left corner of the screen. At the highest difficulty level, the swaying trees, sound of the wind, and debris kicked up by gusts will be your only clues. Expert mode removes the bow cross-hairs and wind speed from the screen. You'll need to use experience and intuition to score big! You can earn an extra 10 points if you manage to strike the apple (...not the Adam's apple) in the bonus round. In castle mode: Each round is 90 seconds long. Shoot all targets in a set quickly to score big! Striking the scarecrow awards bonus points at the end of a round depending where the arrows hit. Accuracy is important! In horse archery mode: Shoot the targets along the highland circuit. The further away you are when the arrow hits a target, the more bonus points are awarded. Keep striking targets to maximize the bonus awarded. Higher difficulty levels increase the horse's speed.


  • Use your mouse to aim and left-click to draw your bow.
  • Three difficulty levels for each game mode. (Try expert mode for an extra challenge!)

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20 July 2015

Nice game.I like it.@#$%&.....????SK....?????@&#$@#!%


6 November 2014

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3 November 2014

The double adds on each side of the screen make it near impossible to play any more. When there are not these ads showing the game is playable and fun. But when one cannot see the game area because of ads, it is pointless. So sad to see this game go down hill.


20 June 2014

There are 3 game modes. The first is a target shooting game which progressively gets more difficult over time. The last level where you have to shoot an apple off of a lady's head was fun. The second is a horseback archery game with great physics and a lot of targets to shoot. I would pay money for this as it was a lot of fun and the graphics were great. The last game was ok, it was a timed archery stage with multiple targets. Overall, this is my favorite Windows Store game and all for the great price of Free. No ads encountered while playing. 5/5 Follow me on Twitter @Coil_Whine


14 May 2014



16 April 2014

on robin hood mode you shoot the target that's up high then it doesn't let you lower the bow and the wind moves the arrow way to much I shoot a bow and arrow and no 2 mph wind is going tot bring a arrow down that much Disappointed


30 January 2014

Fun game until the huge ads take up half of the screen and hud. No way to close them. Fail.


27 January 2014

Advertisements popup block wind direction and speed. Ruins game.


25 January 2014

I hated it


20 January 2014

I cost zero, that's how much fun it is. How can such a simple game be so glitchy? It gets boring so fast, its almost record time. Haha

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