Love Calculator +

Love Calculator Plus is a simple yet exciting way to test your suitability with someone special. Simply type in your and partner names and this clever app will calculate your match in a percentage format. This app is having a simple and cleaner interface.


  • Find love percentage
  • Simple and beautiful design

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16 August 2015

I put dirt and dirt and it gave me 38% LIKE OMG!


7 June 2014

I put every name I could think of and it only showed me 61%, 62%, and 63% it is F-A-K-E FAKE!!! :(


2 March 2014

OMG!!!!! I luv this app. I am perfect with Justin Bieber💗. Also, Fred Smith and Bob Jones are meant to be. I told my boyfriend about me and Bieber, and he dumped me.


30 October 2013

I typed dirt and moon and it cam put to be 100 percent WTH WTF


8 September 2013

it just gives random percentages and numbers so cruel to peoples love life


21 August 2013

To quote William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet" so this app and any like it are completely useless.


18 August 2013

it suck monkey balls so not true .... don't get your hope up or waste your time


7 August 2013

I typed in jack frost and snow white. came out 67% lol


3 August 2013

I typed in parents and grandparents name and it said 50%.


13 July 2013

it is nice for lovers

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