Love Computer Free

Funny and surprising 3 GAMES in one app. Play with ALL! Love Computer calculates love and gives the answer with 3 simple games. Loves me… loves me not? 1. Calculate love by names fitting. Type in your and partner names to get your answer in seconds. 2. Loves me… loves me not? The flower petals will show the truth. 3. 4 buttons hide the answer, just choose one to find it. Play with all and finally the Love Computer displays the result. Try it on your friends, family, classmates, collegues! It will be surprising! Please note that this is for entertainment purposes only. This application contains advertisment.


  • Name game
  • Flower game
  • Yes or No game

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22 October 2015

I entered a guy from elementary school that I couldn't decide if he had a crush on me or not, and it said he had 100% LOVE FOR ME! AMAZING! And I believe it is true. By the way we hung out...GREAT GAME! The whole 🌏 should know about this great game