Love Test Calculator Deluxe

Disclaimer No science, magic or extra sensory perception is actually used in this app. It’s just for fun! Love Test Calculator Deluxe is the ultimate seduction tool. Whether you are single or in a relationship, this application will revolutionise your love life. For those who are looking for love, it may be closer than you think. Who knows? Perhaps it has been right in front of you all this time! With Love Test Calculator Deluxe, • Test your love compatibility with the people around you and see who the best match is! • For even more fun, you can also test the love compatibility of two of your friends! Love Test Calculator Deluxe goes even further by offering you its seduction coaching service: Secrets of Love! The coaches are at your beck and call, in your pocket! These experts of seduction will teach you how to be seductive in any situation: • How to flirt with a stranger in a lift, at the park or even at work... After the seduction comes the first date. Your coaches are there for you again! • Find the best place to take him/her: Get a drink? Go bowling? Hit a club? Your coaches will advise you not just for the first date but for the ones that come after! Love Test Calculator Deluxe is the only seduction tool you need to see you through your relationship!


  • Love compatibility calculator
  • Love academy
  • 4 levels of tests each delivered by a different coach
  • Get advice from the professionals
  • Where and how to flirt on a daily basis
  • Learn the tricks to mastering the art of seduction

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25 December 2013

This would not work could not even put in names to begin with. what can be done about this??? Something I hope...


4 September 2013

no lieing