LoveCycles Menstrual Calendar

Tracking menstrual cycles is now fun and easy! LoveCycles is an easy and fun to use menstrual cycle calendar. Use LoveCycles to increase accuracy of contraception and conception. For any support, queries or suggestions, write to us at: Stay tuned to new features, updates and releases. Follow us at:


  • Menstrual cycle calendar in intuitive color codes
  • Automatic and accurate prediction of fertility
  • Tweak menstrual cycle length and flow length
  • Password protection
  • Easy entry of past cycles
  • Prediction for start of cycle in the coming months
  • Options to log love, weight and temperature
  • Graphs for weight and temperature
  • View statistics and history
  • Set reminders

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6 May 2016

Worked great for years, until now. now won't open


10 March 2016

this is the best app I put in two of my past cycles and it got avrege lenth wright


25 November 2015

I just can not figure out the password thing it won't work


23 October 2015

Not a bad app, a bit childish design though.


9 October 2015

I Really like it😍😍.


16 July 2015

Great App! Easy and Fun to use! It's predictions are mostly accurate, and it makes tracking your cycle so much fun!


2 June 2015

I only use this app to track my periods, and when I read the description I was worried, as it just focused on contraception. However, this app is great for everything involved in menstrual cycles! It has a cute design and is easy to use. I can track symptoms, emotions, weight, and see a clear list of the histories of past cycles. The only suggestion I have would be to avoid having "Menstrual Calendar" on the app screen on my computer. It would be awkward having friends see it.


27 May 2015

love it easy to use and to me its accurate


11 May 2015

This really helps me to keep track of my cycle. Before I never knew when it was coming or how long it had been since I had one. Now I can predict them down to the day, sometimes without even looking at the app! Love it!!


21 April 2015

It wont let me put in my dates. It decides for me and I can't change it if it's wrong. That's frustrating!!!

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