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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Published by: Volatile Dove ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Join the Volatile Dove Facebook page for some news and informations: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Volatile-Dove/62039522637 _________________________ Version history: Version (Windows 8.1) and (Windows 8) - Fixed bug robot out of range on some devices - Updated pictures robot Version (Windows 8.1) and (Windows 8) - Added a new enemy type (which fires plasma projectiles) Version (Windows 8.1) and (Windows 8) - Added multitouch zoom/unzoom support - Added link to tutorial Version (Windows 8.1) and (Windows 8) - Added sounds! - Improved chest and potion - Fixed bug in editor options menu - Fixed selection when deleting active objects - "Game over" when falling deeply underwater - When "Game over", button "try again" is set on the center of the screen - Added new slots (only available in premium mode) Version (Windows 8.1) and (Windows 8) - fixed display glitchs - added light for player and active objects - changed display for purchasable items in material selection menu Version (Windows 8.1) and (Windows 8) - important enhancements on shadows rendering - added esc shortcut for options menu - small player jump enhancement - fixed memory leak Version (Windows 8.1 only) - Fixed bugs in shadows rendering

Loving Cube Engine Editor

Let your imagination flow in this 3D world editor for tablet and PC! For example create a moutain and try to climb it, create a statue with looks like your favorite character, create a labyrinth and challenge your friends, or use it as a free 3D sketch tool ... The possibilities are endless. With the Loving Cube Engine Editor, you can modify a 3D world, using several addition/subtraction terrain manipulation tools: cuboid, sphere, randomly generated floating islands, and cut/copy/paste features. You can either edit one of the "default" worlds, or start from scratch from an empty world and create a 3D object or landscape using more than 30 materials available. Whenever you want, explore your creation, either in subjective or 3rd-person mode, with a 3D character. For a small fee, a "premium" mode gives you: - some new textures - some 3D objects which interact with the character in the game: the treasure, the spike trap, the magic potion, and the robot enemy - 4 additional save slots


  • Huge world size - can be several kilometers/miles long if you want
  • 30 available terrain types
  • Save your world on your computer to recover it later
  • Use either a tablet with touch gestures or use advanced commands with the mouse and keyboard
  • Navigate through a fascinating "default" world with floating islands
  • Adjustable fog distance
  • Shadows calculated on the fly

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20 March 2016

I hate this game! 1.HOW can you put a block down on a landscape. .Ruby miner world is sooo much better than this game!😞😒😡😣


5 March 2016

IT WON' T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


24 January 2016

El sentimiento maneja la imaginación, al otro lado de los paralelos de la realidad. Construimos un Microcosmos en el vientre del Universo. Lo cuidamos con la idea perenne sembrada en el alma. ~*ee.ny.col.es.*~ *****


22 September 2015

one of the worst games I have ever played in my life!!!!!!!!! horrible game!!!!!!!!


13 September 2015

Minecraft ripoff, so very glitchy, and is flat out horrible. Expect that from dis game


23 August 2015

I love this game


17 January 2015

its a ripoff of minecraft minecraft is coler than this dump


4 December 2014

needs work


13 November 2014

this is just not worth it don't get it, it lags a lot, but it is a good idea(minecraft rip-off)


9 September 2014

it crashes a lot don't waste your time ):

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