Lucky Calculator

Lucky Calculator combines the normal and scientific calculator. It is good user interface design and very easy to use. With featuring realistic design, Lucky Calculator facilitates quick calculations everywhere you need them thanks to its two different types of calculator in one easy to use package. Use simple and fast basic calculator for everyday tasks, switch to Scientific calculator for you solve a bit difficult mathematical problems. Take advantage of Scientific calculator loaded with more than 30 functions including root, power or geometric calculations and may others. We've also added note for calculation history.


  • Basic calculation buttons in portrait view.
  • Advanced mathematical/scientific buttons in landscape view.
  • Calculate with degrees or radians.
  • Memory buttons will also behave just like the original calculator.
  • History, storing results in an easy-to-use way.
  • Copy to clipboard and paste to document.
  • Works both in portrait and landscape device orientations.
  • Button sound is mutable.
  • Support copy and paste.

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7 January 2014

The app does not display. Been unable to use it. Please help me use it. Where can I locate it? Its installed in my PC.


14 December 2013

Hi, I love my new calculator. But I do have a question. During the update and refreshing my computer process my calculator was lost. How do I get a NEW ONE?


15 March 2013

I love that this app actually works. I have to use it for work to create specific orders and calculate on percentages, adding and multiplying to get a transaction done. This app save me a lot of trouble when filling out paperwork. This app is speedy, easy to use and perfect when you need a quick answer. I like the fact it's really simple, as I find it confusing working things out on a calculator! Thank you, really appreciate the effort and time put into making this app.


1 March 2013

This is one of the best calculators I've downloaded. I study computer science, and I have often to solve math problems, this app helps me a lot. Five stars, I've got nothing else to write about. It's simply great!


22 February 2013

Works like a proper scientific calculator. I've used three other scientific calculator apps, and this one by far is the best. 1. Good User Interface 2. Smooth Performance 3. Accurate Results 4. Easy to use 5. Always perform as designed.


21 February 2013

Acts like a real scientific calculator, and does it perfectly. Easy to use. Support copy, paste,.. I would have a suggestion for a little change. You should allow send results through email.


27 December 2012

Looks good like how it adapts to side bar usage. Thing that makes it not usable is it brings up the keyboard on my surface all the time which blocks the calculator keys. If the creator found a way to prevent that I would give 5 stars. As is now I can't use it