Lucky Notes

Lucky notes is a simple and useful app to help keep your notes. It helps you remember everything as: keep notes, list, ideas and more. You can now export your notes into other application such as: file, email and printer.


  • Create and edit text notes, to-dos, task list, ...
  • Save and share files.
  • Search for text.
  • Send email.
  • Print notes.

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11 April 2015

Do not spent your money on this. First of all the so called features like voice note etc. Is an add on, meaning you have to buy these things again form the developer. As for the app itself. It is so cheaply made, when you scroll up or down in a note. The page do not scroll but the texts passes through the lines! Shame on the developer to charge money for such thing.


23 November 2014

As I am typing, the words disappear below the screen. Unlike Apple's version, it appears that the tex is on top of the paper instead of on the paper. What's up?


13 May 2014

This is a great app if you just want a notepad to write reminders or lists on. I do not suggest for someone who wants a notepad the write anything lengthy on it.


24 September 2013

The App does not automatically scrolls down or up as you are typing or moving the cursor. If you are writing small notes is no problem, but as you write longer notes than the screen as you type passed the last line, the cursor disappears so you have to manually scroll up to see the cursor and begin typing again.


14 July 2013

Good app, need a way to do a spell check


9 May 2013

any note seems pointless after you use pen input on other apps. I will buy this app when it support pen. Nice design works well.


18 April 2013

An excellent app if you could add the sync capability to sync content between computers. I use this app on both my laptop an my Surface so I need to have my notes on both.


4 April 2013

Exactly what I needed. Keep up the good work!


3 April 2013

Hi all. Thank you for downloading and feedback our app. And we hope you like it. Hi Jeffrey. We're sorry about this issues. We took offering 100% discount this app (free in 7 days-April Fools) and expires April 2, 2013. Your windows stores cached information this app is free (when you search apps). When you downloaded this app, you saw free (cached info but it expired discount) Windows stores sent request, double check system and got price $2.99 and warning you must buy this app.


2 April 2013

According to the store page for this "app", it is free, that is until you try to install it and it charges your $2.99 for it. Once again Microsoft, you have outdone yourself in screwing up Windows! Once again DO NOT download this unless you want to pay for it.

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