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  • Published by: Nirmit Kavaiya ?
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    v 2.0 • New Sleek board Theme. • Switch theme with a Swipe/Click. • 6 colors for Players to choose. • Create Bot players with AI. • Remove Ads from game with In-App-Purchase. v 1.1 • App is now Ad-supported.


Ludo is a modern depiction of the popular classic board game for two to four players, where the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice rolls. Setup players, start rolling dice, move tokens, kick other players' tokens on the way, Win and have fun with your friends & family!


  • Two board themes, Six player colors!
  • Play with upto 4 players, add Bot players if you want to
  • Game handles the board game rules, dice turns and token kicks
  • Simple rules. Roll, Move, Kick, Win!
  • Game highlights tokens with valid moves according to dice rolls
  • Tablet Mode to play game like on a real board, turn it off on Laptop / Desktop
  • Set the chances of getting 6 on Dice Roll, and more!

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7 April 2015

I found this game very well designed and enjoyed playing it with some AI players. There is a good win/lose ratio although I have only played around 10 games as of writing this review. I did purchase the additional theme and to remove ads although the ads weren't distracting which is a good thing. I enjoy the additional color options so it isn't the same all the time. In fact this is the first LUDO game that I have come across that offers such a feature. Having the option to turn off tablet mode was very nice for a non touch PC user such as myself. Also, having the option to get another turn upon rolling a 6 as well as adjusting the frequency of getting a 6 are very nice features as well. The highlight feature is great for moving my piece quickly and easily. Some things I would like added are a better "kick" sound effect. To me it sounds very close to the dice roll sound. Also, it would be nice to have an option for circles in the dark theme and squares in the light theme.


28 December 2014



28 August 2013

Please check the rules...


1 April 2013

Good user interface, love playing with my friends....Thanks for d developers !!


4 January 2013

Please include possibility to turn of suggested moves


2 January 2013

Liked the colors and layout. Few suggestions..after a kick, shd have a chance to roll again..also w/o a single kick, shd not enter home zone.


19 December 2012

... when you put an update just to place ads on you programs. Sorry, not updating until more improvement.


5 December 2012

Good Work !


2 December 2012

Nice simple interface, lots of fun.


23 November 2012

I really like this game

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