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***Your STARS SAY that YOU CAN WIN in this JACKPOT PARTY !*** You don’t have to grab your newspaper or checkout your favorite website to see what’s in store today. Download Horoscope, Zodiac and Astrology Slots now to be the master of your own fate. Horoscope, Zodiac and Astrology Slots is a free pokies slots game—your own private casino online—where you can play slots of fortune and win millions of points. There is no clairvoyance involved. You don’t have to know how to voyage through the astral plane. A click on Download and a willingness to play is all that is asked of you by the mysterious powers above. The creators of this slots machine are experienced free pokies app designers. This particular machine is a result of the collaborate efforts of programmers and astrologers. You may be a Taurus or a Virgo, but you can’t escape the magical spell of Venus that will make your forget all Las Vegas attractions. The horoscope symbols are updated everyone. You are sure to get your favorite sign—be it of love, work, or wellness. Download it now to let supernatural powers help you win really big in the world’s most magical jackpot casino. FEATURES · Star signs for everyone · Supernatural payouts · Free slots machine every week · 5000 free coins to get you going · High-definition (HD), crystal clear graphics · Free 20 new games every week · Massive bonuses · Topnotch performance across all Windows devices You don’t need an Ouija Board to play on this slots machine and win millions. A will is all that is asked of you. REVIEWS FROM THE ASTRAL PLANE · Quite amazing! I read my horoscope everyday and then play this game for at least two hours. · You’d try it! It’s so good you won’t be able to stop. · Supernatural, indeed! There is some supernatural power at work. Else, how could a scumbag like me win 10,000 points in an afternoon? · Straight from heaven! NOTE: Please note that although Horoscope, Zodiac and Astrology Slots is a free game, you can convince the greater powers to help you in your quest for wealth by donating them MORE COINS bought with real money.


  • Exciting Multislot Adventure
  • Different Bonus Games and Surprises!
  • Exciting Mini Games
  • Free coins to get you on your journey
  • Easy to play and control

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7 July 2016

Pretty Good


13 June 2016

need different bonus games - they are all the same


18 May 2016

My birth sign is missing


16 May 2016

great game


8 May 2016

Alright so far


6 May 2016

Like it


6 April 2016



18 March 2016

Can I have this as a job? Playing these games are fun. I like to get paid playing these games. 5A4 Michael Koury Terrace Torrington CT 06790. My Cell phone number is 18604916497. Name is Russell T Wolfe Jr. Thank You.


20 February 2016

You never know what will happen when you win! It takes you on adventures. Keeps it interesting!


10 February 2016


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