Mahjong Deluxe Free

Mahjong Deluxe Free is a solitaire game based on the classic Chinese game where you are challenged to eliminate all the tiles from the board. It includes 12 lovely backgrounds and 252 different puzzle layouts. Relax and enjoy this beautiful game today! The game is played with a set of tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols and made for us in China. Find matching pairs of images at the left and right ends of the lines in the various puzzles to remove the tiles from the board.


  • 252 different puzzle layouts with a different puzzle each time.
  • 12 different backgrounds to choose from.
  • Great sounds.

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17 June 2016

games are not what is shown


25 May 2016

App is installed on this pc but suddenly it won't let me play th game


7 May 2016



28 April 2016

Only lost 3 games and had a blast. It has been the first computer game I have ever gotten into.. Enjoy it.


14 December 2015

Used to work but not any more. Try to reinstall and it says already installed but will not run.


20 August 2015

Music is very annoying - have to mute the volume all the time. No way to avoid the automatic shuffle when there are no moves left - I'd rather just exit and start a fresh game... and then there's the 'freeze' when there is no move left, the shuffle doesn't happen, and the tablet locks up - and again, there's no way to exit either the game or the program. Very frustrating!!!


12 August 2015

Says it is installed, but won't work! Waste of time.


7 August 2015

Nice. Worth the try, except for the ads. Once you buy, they're gone. Fun game.


1 August 2015

it wont go


21 July 2015

I would give the game only a 2 maybe a 3 which is very sad, I really like the game. However, when I try to do something it will not let me. So I have to un-do -it and it do it again then it will. This makes the time increase on the game for NO reason. This has happen more than once....... Tina Hansen After playing some time with the sound on I do not have the problem. However, I find myself screaming a lot from the sounds it makes DONT ask..........

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