Maleficent Memory

Maleficent Memory is a version of a famous game of Memory. Train your mind with Maleficent character and enjoy with this beautiful game. You can game alone or you can challenge a friend. You can select three level of difficult.


  • Maleficent Memory Game

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5 June 2015

every time there is an update and you have to re-install, you lose your place in the game. You have to start all over again at level 1. NOW, I cannot install the game at all. It says I won the game but something is wrong and it cannot complete my purchase. How do I install this game without losing everything or even just get it installed at all?


25 February 2015

game does not allow update, you have to uninstall then re-install not good. then you have to start from the beginning


3 January 2015

this game I love why does it not let me finish as far as I can go?