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  • Category: Books & Reference / E-reader
  • Published by: Val Mitev ?
  • Size: 5.1 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 1 other language ?
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  • Notes: • Added app bar hint, so that the app bars are easily accessible on Windows 10 with touch input. • Fixed issues with MangaEden sources • Fixed issue with updates on startup • Performance improvements to adding/updating/deleting mangas • UI tweaks • Recent items can be removed or cleared • Darker app background can be used • Fixed issues with app on Windows 10 • Some minor bug fixes • General UI changes • Improvements to chapter reading, UI and functionality • Keyboard shortcuts for chapter reading • Overlay button for next chapter (can be toggled on/off) • Manga details UI changes • Manga details chapter grouping • Options to change the display for catalog, favorites and unread • Fixed issue when some chapter pages would not load after reading for a while • Fixed issue with searching on MangaReader and MangaPanda • Fixed issue with ReadManga source • Removed DeManga source as it's no longer available • Fixed various defects and various tweaks • Multiple selection for manga chapters and downloaded chapters • Fixed issue where sometimes not all downloaded chapters will display properly • Minor bug fixes and tweaks If you encounter any issues, please let me know and I'll address them swiftly. More features will be coming soon, but if you are missing a particular feature, send me an email and I'll make sure to add it.

Manga Blaze

Manga Blaze is the best way to read and organize your favorite manga. It will keep track of your progress and you'll be notified when new chapters are released. Browse the catalogs of multiple manga sources and download chapters locally so that you can read them anywhere. Some of the features: • A large variety of settings, configure the app the way it best suits you • A configurable live tile, with various display templates and data options • Download chapters to read offline • Resume reading quickly from the last page that you were on • Keep track of your reading progress • Data synchronized between devices • Multiple manga sources (17 so far and more are coming): - English: MangaReader, MangaFox, MangaHere, Batoto, GoodManga, KissManga, MangaEden, MangaPanda, Mangable - Italian: MangaEden, Batoto (Italian) - German: Batoto (German) - Spanish: MangaHere, Batoto (Spanish) - Russian: ReadManga - French: Batoto (French) - Portuguese: Batoto (Portuguese) • Browse each source by applying various filtering criteria (genre, release year, status, alphabetical) • Quickly check the recently released manga chapters on each source • Easily update all your favorites or just a part of them • Find new series either by name or author • Backup your data and easily restore it if you need to • A background agent to notify you of the latest releases for your favorite series • Bookmark specific pages, so that you can quickly get back to them • Set custom posters for your favorites • I’m open to your suggestions to make the app better NOTE: If you encounter any issues with the app, please use the feedback option to report it. This way I'll be able to fix it. Thank You. Features when you unlock the app: • No ads (well, it’s just one ad) • Permanent live tile customization options • Permanent home and favorites/unread customizations • You can disable the safe content filter • Custom images can be set as backgrounds in various parts of the app • Many thanks for the support that would allow the app to be improved further


  • 17 manga sources to choose from
  • Download chapters to read offline
  • Configurable live tile
  • Various ways to configure the app
  • Custom background and poster images
  • Resume reading quickly from the last page that you were on
  • New chapter notifications
  • Data synchronized between devices

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8 June 2016

this app has access to great manga but is practically useless because even with purchasing it the app never unlocks the PREMIUM features and it never saves anything you download and it defeats the purpose of even owning the app. unless they fix these issues i recommend you to not even get the app let alone purchase the unlock.


23 March 2016

This app is really good and if I can just request one more manga here, if you can put Brawling Go! It will make my day and this app will be even more awesome


23 February 2016

Excellent manga reader. Only a couple of nitpick keep me from giving it five stars. First, there is a bug that causes your letters to double up when you are typing things into the search box and to get around this you must type with excruciating slowness. Second, sometimes you'll get blank pages in the middle of a reading session and must exit the series completely and hope that it shows up. Third, restoring from backup, you must select the merge option instead of the restore option otherwise it'll just give you an error. Fourth, it doesn't remember my settings once the app is closed. Still, this app gets good marks for having a wide selection of manga sources to choose from and being very easy to navigate and the option to choose your own backgrounds. Just needs more polish.


15 October 2015

great app. would give 5 stars if it woud tell you where you left off


29 September 2015

Easy, simple, smooth. Only wish I could choose higher resolution scans. Rare occasions I have difficulty reading small text.


13 August 2015

Thank you for making this app, its seriously the best magna windows app! For magna sources (like kissmanga or Magnavox), Could you also add support for mangapark as well? It has a lot more magna than the other sources Would it also be possible to have magna category search? :) Again, thanks for the app!


6 July 2015

dark theme for night reading would be helpful


5 July 2015

Nice interface + DL + Backup


9 June 2015

Dear dev, I've bought this amazing apps but the ads is still there in my home. I am using the laptop version though. Fortunately in my phone it doesn't come up.


26 May 2015

Of all the manga apps I've used, this one has the best features, the widest selection of sources, and the most unobtrusive ads. Between last week and today, I've already seen some great new features and UI tweaks get implemented. I give it my highest recommendation!

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