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    Change log 1.0.1: - FIX: Crash on planning 24/7 scheduled projects - FIX: Crash while changing task start date manually in date/time picker control Change log 1.0.2: - FIX: Crash with 7d/8h projects while loading Gantt control - FIX: Wrong calculation of working time for periods smaller than 1h


You want to create project plans, add tasks, assign resources, track the project status and maturity and share with MS Project ? The unique solution on WIN8 is the powerful app MASTERPLAN ! MASTERPLAN is a project-, a task- and resource planning application that makes it easy to keep track of all important aspects related to a successful project. MASTERPLAN allows to manage multiple projects and takes use of template technology to follow standards and make the work more efficient. In every project you add many tasks grouped in phases and finished by milestones. You can view your project on Gantt Chart in adjustable scales and take use of the touch operation on a tablet. This app is designed for project beginners as well as for professional project managers who are familiar with tools like MS Project and who look for a similar solution on WIN 8 / WIN RT platform.


  • Manage and maintain multiple projects
  • New project can be created from the scratch, by copy from another or new based on a template
  • Resource management including skill and role definition
  • Viewing and editing your tasks as a list or Gantt Chart
  • Edit Wizard for the tasks to define all related details
  • Creating user-defined dependencies between the tasks
  • Assigning resources to the tasks
  • Target and risk definition possible for every task
  • Cost calculation for every task (manually or automatically by the resources data)
  • Status and maturity tracking for the project and for every task
  • Individual customization by a wide range of settings
  • Share with MS Excel and MS Project
  • Back-Up and Restore function integrated

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17 April 2014

Very easy to use.... finger friendly. Note: doesn't seem to import ms project files. Had to give only 3 stars cause this flips the display 180°......how bizarre


16 March 2014

After the first crash trying to add a new project, it now will not let me add any projects. It insists on me selecting a Manager, even though I just want to do my own little plan. The selection dropdown is empty and I see no way of defining managers... All the dropdowns are empty.....


2 February 2014

it's not bad, but its not great. let's add a calendar adjustment. i'd like to be able to adjust the start time. easy to use


14 January 2014

I created a sub task for a sub task and the plan just disappeared... too bad, just after I bought the software. No way to contact the developer directly. Please fix. Update: 1 month later, still no fix... uninstalling Update: installed it again. January 14th 2014 still no fix... Uninstalling


5 January 2014

It won't alter any resource information, so I have 20 fictional staff names to pick from as resources. I was so looking forward to using this to drive a new assignment, but I need to trash it. $7.99 only bought me disappointment. Until they fix it, don't buy it.


19 November 2013

After a long search with validating different Project planning apps in store I've finally found my solution. MasterPlan offers everything what I need to quickly maintain projects and get a rough and easy overview of all necessary information.


31 October 2013

The whole reason I BOUGHT this app was to be able to print the Gantt view to post on job site. The print button does nothing. Am I missing something or have I been mislead?


3 October 2013

Is not working.


9 June 2013

App crashes all the time. This would be really nice if it would actually run. I created a project and every time I click the "Plan" button, it crashes. I created a new project and now it won't let me change a start date for a milestone, it crashes.... Please fix ASAP. Not worth the money for anyone looking to buy this app until they fix.


6 June 2013

This app offers everything what you need to maintain and control projects. The included Gantt chart allows an convenient approach to maintain the overall project maturity and manage your tasks like resource assignment and so on. There are a lot of data fields available where all project and task relevant information can be stored. In addition the interface to MS Project gives you enhanced possibilities to interact with your project data.