Math for Teen

This a game where user have to answer question about mathematic by choosing 1 of 4 answer available. Each game consists of 15 questions with 2 different difficult available. User can choose more than 1 answer but the points earned will be reduced as the user choose more option.


  • Normal and Hard Level
  • 15 Question each difficult level
  • Different time limit each level for one game
  • Score decided by how many option has been choosen
  • Each difficult level contains 60 different questions

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16 December 2012

Sometimes the right answer is listed twice but one of the two copies of the right answer will be marked as wrong (e.g two number 77 tiles listed when 77 is the right answer). It would also be nice if there were more categories of questions.


10 December 2012

This is a good math quiz. Even it is hard, I can train you to calculate quickly. It also has good interface. You should try it. I'm sure you will not be disappointed. Such a good apps :)