Math Kid Grade 2

*********** Learning Made Easy *********** Math Kid Grade 2 is a great educational tools for school-age children. Your child will have fun learning 2nd grade math with mostly dynamically created problems. Features: * App Mode: Practice/Test. * Reports * Option to turn voice on/off. * Ability to edit student's profile. * Ability to change Background color. If a Test quiz is 100% correct, a badge is awarded. Topics Covered: 1.Practice Numbers 2. Addition 3. Addition - skill builders 4. Subtraction 5. Subtraction Skill Builder 6. Multiplication 7. Multiplication Drill 8. Mixed Operations 9. Time 10. Money 11. Measurements 12.Data and Graphs 13. Fractions 14. Geometry


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24 July 2016

this game is awesome


15 July 2016

My kid reviews math skills with this app. Not too much interaction so it decreases distractions....


27 June 2016

My fist grader just love this game.


21 February 2016

easy to use


18 February 2016

Very simple to navigate and questions are well written


19 December 2015



9 November 2015

We like this. I like how it tracks progress and it allows for short tests. I will look for something else to run drills though as there aren't enough in each category that allow for good math drills. But it covers a lot!


21 October 2015

very nice app


16 September 2015

We read numerals left to right. However, this app has you type Three Hundred Seventy Five by keying it in this order 573. Therefore, I gave the app a lower rating because although we do begin with the UNITS place they call it the ones and move out to the Tens, Hundreds and so on we read the whole number beginning with the largest place value. Hope this was a helpful.


12 September 2015

This is a great learning app for children. Its easy to navigate for parents and fun for kids.

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