Math Kid Grade 3

*********** Learning Made Easy *********** Math Kid Grade 3 is a great educational tools for school-age children. Your child will have fun learning 3rd grade math with dynamically created problems. Features: * App Mode: Practice/Test. * Reports * Option to turn voice on/off. * Ability to edit student's profile. * Ability to change Background color. If a Test quiz is 100% correct, a badge is awarded. Topics Covered: 1. Numbers 2. Additions 3. Subtractions 4. Multiplications 5. Multiplication Drill 6. Division 7. Division Drill 8. Mixed Operations 9. Rounding and Estimation 10. Time 11. Money 12. Decimals 13. Fractions 14. Geometry 15. Algebra


  • Interactive learning

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22 June 2016

teach good


28 February 2016

this is a really great app because I learned new things at home in a fun way at school they try to make it fun but it doesn't really happen and I go to Forestville road elm. from, charlise


15 February 2016

Awsome work on this app please put more apps,and keep up the good work. redy to be impressed


29 December 2015

its good naw but it not good education for me


12 December 2015

My son tries to earn more and more badges.


26 October 2015

This is an awesome math program..some of the inconveniences of the second grade program have been removed.


11 October 2015

its a little hard, but I liked it.


19 September 2015

This is good and cool math learning prosess for anyone to learn how to do the correct math. It is a good learning academy for 3rd graders and other children.


6 August 2015



19 July 2015

math kid is good for kids it you be happy because when you play it you will be happy that your kid is not a 🍗🍤your kids is a good kid a ! and put your kid in homeschool for your no kid will not kick or hit and so you can take your kid where you go

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