Get the latest News from Kerala's finest Journalists on your Windows Desktop or Tablet Device through the brand new Mathrubhumi Windows Store Edition! The Windows App carries the breaking news across Latest News ,Business , Sports and many other categories as well as the News breaking from all districts in Kerala. The App also gives a glimpse to the multimedia content of Mathrubhumi including Cartoons , Videos and Photos. The app also provides access to the ePaper of Mathrubhumi in an easy to read format. The App allows a user to customize the news view with font sizes and save interesting news through bookmarks. You can also share a news item to your friend through e-mail or Social Media. The main news items are stored locally on your device for comfortable offline viewing. The user interface is simple , intuitive and friendly and an App user guide is provided for the user to learn how to use the App.


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19 August 2014

This is exactly how you can mess up a relatively easy application. Wonder whether someone really tested this in diff form factors before releasing. My Dell Pro 8inch tablet chops off most of the title content.