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    Good news! The new version of Media Center for DVD fully compatible with Windows 10! Have even more fun watching your favorite movies! And also the new version has the ability to create playlists. Enjoy watching! We realy want get your rate with 5★ stars for our app! It will be the best present for us! Please do not put a bad rate. Contact us what you do not like. And we will correct it!

Media Center for DVD

Do you like to watch videos and listening to music? Then Media Center for DVD is the best app for you. Media Center for DVD is the player that supports a large number of multimedia formats, so you can watch your favorite movie or listen to cool music easily and simply. Supported file formats: MKV, VOB, WM, MOV, AVI and more than 15 other popular formats. Additional features: equalizer, watching videos with subtitles, the ability to select the audio track in the video, volume up to 200%. You just need to choose the media file to play! - And Media Center for DVD does the perfect playback of this file! Our player does not support DVD-menu. Need to open the files directly from the disk. IMPORTANT! Windows doesn't let play password-protected DVDs. Before purchasing the app please do a simple test to check if the app could play your DVD. Temporary copy a .vob file ~1 Gb of size from your DVD disk to a local folder. If you are able to do this without getting error, this means that your DVD disk can be played via our App. Otherwise - no! Thank you for your cooperation!


  • Supported formats: "mkv"; "vob"; "wm"; "mov"; "wav"; "wmv"; "3g2"; "3gp"; "3gp2"; "3gpp"; "aac"; "ac3"; "adt"; "adts"; "asf"; "avi"; "ec3"; "m2ts"; "m4a"; "m4v"; "mp3"; "mp4"; "mp4v"; "wma".
  • Support for multimedia keyboards (sound, play, pause).
  • Increase the volume to 200% .
  • Equalizer.
  • Ability to watch video with subtitles.
  • Ability to connect external subtitles: .aqt, .ass, .stl, .mpl, .rt, .smi, .srt, .ssa, .stl, .sub, .usf.
  • Ability to view video with multiple audio tracks.
  • Playlists.

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23 December 2015

Having tested 10 plus media playing apps and picking this one as the best of the group and using for several weeks, the November 2015 update is in a regression. It hangs all the time, the forced playlist featured is stupid and generally have to reboot Windows now to get the application back to usable state only to have it lock up after a few more plays of media. Something has gone terribly awry with this update likely related to changes in how it interacts with the playlist feature.


13 November 2015

I was skeptical because of some of the reviews posted but its actually great!It took me a second to figure out but once I did, wow! thanks its great! im watching movies as we speak!


27 June 2015

Started to play my VOB files and they bog about 15 seconds and they freeze up. Guess I got ripped off again how do I get my money back?


3 May 2015

In reading about your app, and looking at several other apps, I thought your app would play a dvd on my Windows 8.1 tower (std display, keyboard, mouse, etc.). I went to the directory for the DVD and the DVD Neil Diamond - Home before Dark - showed up. I went to the Video folder and tried to get your app to play the DVD. NO LUCK. Your description of the app is either deliberately misleading or is poorly written.


15 April 2015

doesn't recognize disks and when it does it only plays the alternat soundtrack. Unloaded and reloaded several times to no avail.


10 April 2015



6 April 2015

easy download


20 March 2015

It's a nice app that functions well so far.


9 March 2015

This app does not play DVD's! you can watch individual files but no sound with them its so frustrating to use this app it litteraly had me frustrated to tears. I want my money back.. I know I wont get it but hopefully you wont make the mistake I made and waste time money and sanity on this rip off!


8 March 2015

I would give a zero but I have to at least get a 1 star. this app doesn't work at all, it isn't better than the free apps. don't waste seeking for a full refund.

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