Memo List

Memo List is a client for a popular task management service - Remember The Milk. Memo List helps you to keep track on your tasks, either personal or working. Achieve your goals and get things done with Memo List! Simply define your tasks and easily manage them using the dashboard. Be ready to finish all your tasks by their due date! All tasks are colored according to their priority, so that you can recognize in the blink of an eye.


  • Put your tasks in lists to track them
  • Set due dates and priority for the tasks
  • Manage visible lists to concentrate on the most important things
  • Look at the application Live Tile, you'll see the most important and urgent tasks right there
  • Add or modify tasks with a single tap.

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26 September 2014

A great feature would be to be able to pick the list that updates the tile and to have a large format tile that lists tasks. Alternatively, rotate the due or overdue tasks through the tile.


17 April 2014

I really like the interface, so much so that I'll only use the website when absolutely necessary. What would it take to get 5 stars from me? 1. On the drop down date field, a calendar function should pop up so that I don't have to open a calendar someplace else to see where the date falls. 2. Add alert capability. 3. Add note capability. 4. Add tag capability. 5. Would be great if tiles without dates could be re-ordered by dragging. 5. (Optional) Make a companion Windows phone app.


5 April 2014

Do you people ever debug your software before you release it? The month and day fields are reversed when trying to add a task!!!


27 January 2014

This app could benefit from easily-located basic RTM functions. For example, how do you add tags? How do you filter for tags, and not just due dates? How do you view notes, let alone add them? The pretty Metro tiles are pointless if you can't access basic task features.


6 August 2013

I was a happy user of BigList but they shut down. So I needed a RTM client for WP8, RT, and Windows 8. This AFAIK is the *only* choice for RT and Windows 8. Seems to work well for what I need!


23 June 2013

I have a lot of tasks - probably over 500, many are just ideas, but this UI is not optimized for that. Needs filtering.. If you have few active tasks (say 50) then the UI design will probably work.


6 June 2013

I ran into the same app crash as others. I authorized the app to access RTM, then I crashed.


1 June 2013

Nice interface, but was unable to load all of my RTM tasks without crashing.


1 May 2013

its good for my memories


29 April 2013

This app looked to be just what I wanted, but as the other user remarked, it crashes every time I launch it (on my Surface Pro). If the developer somehow fixes the bug, I'd surely give it another try.

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