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    Added ShareTo Feature to allow streaming to XBOX and other media devices on the network (Charm Bar > Devices > XBOX) Added better error handling (if you have no internet or it goes down) Fixed bugs with playing and displaying song info Added better controls for using MetroTracks within Windows 8 UI including added song name and info on the Native Control and Fixed small display bugs Added Facebook Page button in app bar


Metrotracks is an online music discovery app to access millions of songs made my music lovers for you! If your into dance, classical, jazz or just want music to fix your mood; using our easy tag search that is done in seconds! We guarantee you will love this app! Free uninterrupted, high quality music to blow your socks off.. and if you have any questions email us and we can improve the app! ..any suggestions to improve the app for you.. just give us an email and we will reply! :)


  • Steam Music from the internet to your PC, Laptop, Tablet or XBOX!
  • Rediscover long-forgotten music and tracks
  • Share songs with friends
  • Search over 1000's of Mixes and 1,000,000's of songs!
  • Music Discovery at the best!

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10 June 2015

I'm a fan of 8 Tracks,and I love being able to discover new music that I can party or chill to.This app,however makes that difficult to do because every time I play a mix,the song that's playing won't show up in the now playing tab.The sound quality is good,and I like the layout,but that one issue is ruining this app for me.I uninstalled it,and instead of wasting time on the app,listening to great songs that I won't be able to look up later because I don't know their titles or the bands that sing them,I am probably just going to go on the website itself.


12 September 2014

And if it does, why not let us log in and use our account and saved mixes?


6 May 2014

I really enjoy the app and I would like to congratulate the developers for this amazing app,but also I'd like to see the list of songs that I've previously played,plus am having a problem w


14 January 2014

it a really great pp


11 January 2014

I get to know more songs because of this app.


8 January 2014

cool! cool! cool!


12 November 2013

This app is wonderful, just remember not to click on it when you have no internet. When you turn your internet back on, the screen that tells you that you need WI-fi will not go away. If you want to use the app after this happens, you would need to restart the tablet.


11 November 2013

Either the update 8.1 or the update of the app -- something got screwed up, and now the app is basically unusable. Main home screen doesn't display right, and navigation in the app is impaired.


28 October 2013

Best app for listening new songs...


7 September 2013

so many freaking tracks and options. trust me, download this and chill.

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