Trigger torrent downloads on your computers remotely! With this app you can control the Transmission installations running on any devices on your network or on Internet (if you have configured your router accordingly). Open magnet links, torrent links or torrent files on your tablet, send it to your PC running Transmission, close your tablet. You're done, your PC will keep downloading it. Note: this is not a Torrent downloader in itself; it's a remote control for Transmission, a free open source Torrent client compatible with multiple OSes. More details: . Please don't leave negative reviews saying this is not a Torrent downloader. New in - Send encryption failures to bugsense instead of crashing - Fixed crash on torrent file loading error or open dialog being run in non UI thread - Send error on when adding torrent to Bugsense instead of crashing - Automatically hide servers pane when app window is too tight - Fixed async calls not being awaited New in - integrated Bugsense New in 1.0: - added torrent details view with 4 panes: info, peers, trackers, files. New in 0.10: - added "send feedback" link in settings charm - suppressed code which would hide torrent command buttons if an error was detected, as it seemed to misbehave - added support for Windows 8.1 snap view - fixed bug that would delete all torrents or crash Transmission when trying to delete one or more torrents


  • control multiple Transmission servers
  • open magnet links and torrent files
  • collapsible server pane for maximum torrent list viewing real estate
  • configurable refresh interval
  • passwords are stored AES-256 encrypted
  • manage files priorities

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6 December 2014

So I am unable to connect to a local host my self , I have tired 127, and localhost but it appears that it is rejecting the http portion of it and my version of transmission requires that as I am able to validate in with my browser


14 July 2014

All torrents appear as downloading, no mater if they're paused. Also, it'd be GREAT if it could associate magnet links so you could just click it from a website. With those two feats, I'd gladly pay for it. Live tile/notifications would be nice as well, but not necessary.


14 May 2014

Can someone explain to me how can I use this apps to download torrents >_>


12 November 2013

Not too many functions but works out of the box. pretty fine.


21 October 2013

Nice start. More features/options needed. Please add torrent download,upload, tracker info for selected torrent.


20 October 2013

Installed. I am able to configure the app. It only shows the download. The functionality of pausing or resume does not work. Not worth downloading.