YouTube. Beautifully designed. The #1 TOP rated YouTube app on the Windows Phone Store is now available for Windows 8! WHAT THE MEDIA IS SAYING ------------------------ "It’s been a fan favorite since it first launched on Windows Phone what feels like eons ago... So how's the app? Really rad." - WPCentral "We've always found navigating YouTube on a computer clunky as compared to our smartphones, and now there's a remedy to make that transition much smoother. As promised a few weeks ago, Metrotube for Windows 8 is now available in the Store for free.” - Windows Phone Daily "having Metrotube, which has already proven to be highly popular on another Microsoft platform, come to Windows 8 is certainly welcome news." - Neowin FURTHER INFORMATION ------------------- Website: Email: Proudly developed by: Lazyworm Applications Ltd.


  • Stream vidoes in HQ, HD and Full HD
  • Access subscriptions, favorites and watch later feeds
  • Customize main hub
  • Live tile
  • Video sharing
  • Video search

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16 July 2016

I downloaded this app, thinking, "this might be the answer to my 'YouTube on a Windows Tablet' prayers." After I opened it, I quickly logged in with my fingers tingling. I went to my subscriptions and no videos were showing up, I said, "not to fret!" and searched the videos I wanted to watch. I successfully watched one Fine Bros video and that was the last video to be seen. No more videos are playing. Terror reigns in the lands. Famine has struck the villages. People are in shock. My prayers-still unanswered.


3 June 2016



18 January 2016

Ever since Youtube discontinued flash support, this app didn't work. Now the app is running great in HTML5. This app makes Youtube much more enjoyable then running in IE in windows 8.1 RT.


10 January 2016

This app is suppose to play videos, and it doesn't do that, at least not for me. I wish I could give it a higher rating then just one star, but I'll be unable to until this issue is resolved. If it begins to work, my review will be changed to the appropriate rating it should be, from this rating which most likely is being written because of a possibly flaw, or mistake on your part. If anyone else has this issue is out of my knowledge, but if it isn't me, I hope this issue gets resolved very soon


6 January 2016

Do not play videos


5 December 2015

No videos even show up its just a black screen no matter what category I pick. This is the second app I have tried that's done the same thing. Running on windows surface rt tablet. Hope to find one that works soon.


18 November 2015

Used to be functional now this junk never works. I rate it 1 star and zero bags of popcorn fix this piece of crap!


15 November 2015

windows phone version of metrotube is super fasr with 512mg ram....why is tablet version of metrotube is so slow and laggy with 2gb ram?!?


30 October 2015

This is a great app sorry to say this but its better than YouTube


13 October 2015

This app is amazing it was not working for a while but the developer has fixed it and it is amazing again!

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