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    New in this version of the Power BI app: App features • Explicit sign-in that connects with your Power BI account • Improved performance Power BI for Office 365 sites integration • Access reports from your Power BI site on the go • Sync your favorite reports between the cloud and your devices Interact and visualize • Single series of data on maps • Tooltips enabled for tiles with images and text • Background images • Cards in both card and callout style Forecast your data • Create forecasts and hindcasts • Evaluate accuracy with confidence range

Microsoft Power BI

Stay connected to your favorite reports in Power BI for Office 365 from wherever you are with the Microsoft Power BI for Windows app. From your Windows 8.1 touch device, explore multiple live reports using a touch-optimized experience. Tag your favorite reports in the Power BI Site in Office 365 and have them appear in the mobile app or browse and discover new Office 365 reports from your tablet. Explore reports with the touch optimized experience and quickly share insights with colleagues. Note: With this update the application now used your Power BI Favorites list as the single, integrated list for favorites.  Whether you are browsing your BI Site in a browser or using the Power BI Windows 8.1 application, you will always see the same favorites regardless of where you’ve added new reports!    If any reports on the Power BI Mobile application were not in your Power BI favorites, this change may cause your Favorites list to be empty or be missing reports. If so, your reports aren't lost, and you can easily add them to your Power BI favorites list.  Visit http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=400503 for more information and a work around for this issue.


  • Access your favorite reports easily – they’re automatically synced between your device and the cloud.
  • Browse your Office 365 sites to easily find all your reports in the cloud.
  • Interact with your live reports by filtering, sorting, forecasting, and highlighting data.
  • Use the Windows share charm to quickly share Office 365 based reports with your colleagues.
  • Stay connected to critical Office 365 reports from your tablet.

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26 January 2015

I'm sure that this would be a very nice app if it would actually work, but it doesn't.


4 November 2014

great app


29 August 2014

Please add in full support for scatter chart


20 June 2014

it strips out most excel functionality and my crashes when I try to open power view reports from my powerBi site. so far it's useless so I'm hoping for future updates.


26 March 2014

Very frustrating, just a blue screen on a surface pro 2. Can't seem to uninstall, the surface pro just ignores the uninstall command. VERY FRUSTRATING!


8 January 2014

It's a beautiful and user friendly app if you design your PowerBI reports while taking into account the app's limited functionality. For instance, the majority of PowerView reports, background images, image icons/slicers, and chart types are not supported. A standard worksheet "dashboard" that had slicers, a chart and conditional formatting did not render correctly (the chart and the table were rendered on separate pages and the slicers disappeared). The app's native visualization and color palette is very attractive; however, you lose your workbook's selected color theme which may be important for corporate branding.


30 November 2013

For anyone with questions, some of the members from the app team will be monitoring this forum: http://bit.ly/powerBiMobile Please post any questions that you might have!


21 November 2013

It's fantastic to have a simple app provide such visually appealing and functional data with such minimal effort! Huge time saver, very useful. Love it! (I'll give it five stars if they make it just a little bit more intuitive)


11 November 2013

Quickly digest SharePoint Online Power BI sites!


9 November 2013

Great idea but ... I have created Paver View report in Excel. Afterward I have used Power BI app for the same report. At few charts I have got message "unsupported visualization". Please update the app to support all Lover View chart visualizations.

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