Midi Music Maker

The Midi Music Maker let you produce songs with midi files (.mid files are digital sheet music). You can arrange the instruments and sounds and adjust the volume, balance and the effects of each voice. You can also design your own sounds with the 5 build in synthesizers. Finaly you can publish your interpretation of the song to your MusicLibrary and produce a CD.


  • Music Production with MIDI files
  • Sound Design with 5 synthesizers
  • Library of MIDI songs and projects
  • More than 800 sound presets
  • Midi Editor
  • Export function for sounds as presets, wave files and Sound Fonts.
  • Producer for .wav , .mp3 and .wma audio files.

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5 May 2014

yep and you can make midi too yep


2 March 2014

Unusable, slow and chokes on a 75k file. What good is this?


6 April 2013

I just downloaded this app over a weekday and when I wanted to try during the weekend, it was already expired! Thanks, but no thanks!