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    v 1.2 -Added Live Tiles (For live update to work, please allow background task to run when prompted) v 1.1 - Added ability to post comment - Added ability to enlarge selected photo - Added ability to save photo to local library - Added Back function - Added User Like List - Added Popular Now button - Fixed Random Crashes Issues - Fixed Scrolling With Mousewheel - Updated screenshots and description.


Instagram Client App for Windows 8. Search, view, comment and like photos added by Instagram users all around the world. For this version, user can now pin their favorite user or any search tag to their home screen for live feeds. Navigate to any user's recent feed and the button is located at the app bar (reveal by right clicking or swiping down/up from top/bottom edge of the screen) For updates on previous version, user can now post comment and view selected photo in larger size. User can also save photo to their local library. Side Note* : User will not be able to upload photo as long as Instagram API doesn't support it. This is a decision made by Instagram and we have no control over it. We will keep this app updated as frequently as possible, so feel free to email us for feature suggestion/bug report.


  • Sign In With Instagram Account
  • View Recent Photos Posted By Friends
  • View People You Are Following and also Your Followers
  • Search Photos Based on User & Tags
  • View Comment and Like Photo
  • Share Photos With Your Social Apps

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15 March 2016



6 December 2015

Tried reinstalling several times, restarting my PC, changing access controls, everything. Sometimes it would launch and I would try to sign in to my Instagram account and the circle in the middle would spin forever. Then most of the other times, the app just wouldn't launch at all.


1 July 2015

You can't post anything. this sucks


8 June 2015

This app doesn't let you post pics.


25 May 2015

Good and responsive layout. I can't get the live tile to work, and the default tile is hideous. This app needs work, but it rises above most of the lackluster Instagram clients available. If the creators would just change the tile to something less garish, I'd give this another star.


19 March 2015

you can take pic and all and downloads really quick !!!


23 January 2015

This instagram client has the nicest and smoothest UI of all on the store. It is missing a few things (Upload pictures, DM, followers activity), but hopefully it'll be implemented soon!


30 December 2014

Waiting forever never connected


1 October 2014

Simple design, works very well. Would be 5 stars if it had a live tile!


15 September 2014

keeps loading and wont stop

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