Mind Outliner

Organize your ideas into hierarchies, create outlines, mind maps, text notes, task lists. Print, share or export results. Mind Outliner is an ideal tool for brainstorming, mind mapping, note taking, planning, project management, personal info management and everything you can think of. Arrange your data into multi-level tree and add structure to any information such as to-do lists, agendas, screen plays, shopping lists, event plans, article drafts, scripts and so on.


  • Clean, modern user interface equally optimized for both touch and keyboard input
  • Opml import and export
  • Unlimited undo\redo
  • Set of built-in themes. You can change the whole document appearance with a single click
  • Print support
  • Export to text and html
  • Saving results to a file at any location including SkyDrive
  • Optional checkboxes for every item
  • Quick rearrangement of outlines with drag’n’drop
  • Expanding and collapsing of nodes at any level
  • Multiple files can be opened simultaneously in the tabbed interface

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18 March 2016

With the ability to use the keyboard to move around, view, edit, collapse/expand, etc the outline this app would have been perfection. I was so excited to buy it once I started using it but then... I tried to use the direction keys... Word of advice guys, that's a big deal. Make use of it and the shift/control buttons too for multi-select and moving things around easily (as an extra to just being able to use the direction keys nimbly) Ahhhhh WHYYYYY!? There are no good outliners on windows! OmniOutliner is on Mac for gods sake,


1 December 2013

Outlining is really important for me and it was great to find this a couple of days ago. I also made note of it on Outlinersoftware.com. I love the fact that it can work with OPML files, which really makes it useful. I would love to see hoisting implemented and metadata columns would make it really powerful. I'm really pleased that this app was made available - thanks a lot Alphalina.