Mint ™

Description Mint™ is a collaborative learning platform that takes the educational ecosystem to the next level. By utilizing the power of social networking and combining it with what today’s mobile technology offers we have converted education into a joyful social experience that never existed before. In Mint we open communication and collaboration channels between all the main members of the educational environment to create a better educational ecosystem for all of us. ► Learning is There ... Anytime, Anywhere With Mint you’ll be able to Access all your educational content anytime and anywhere. Either on the bus going to school or enjoying a relaxing view on the beach you will be able to read your books, take notes on your lessons and even answer quizzes and exams. All of this and more will be achievable from your tablet. Learning has never been such a mobile experience before Mint. ► It's Your Personal Notebook Everybody loves taking notes on their classes, lessons, books, etc. Mint takes this to the next level! With Mint you’ll be able to take digital notes on your educational content whatever its format is. You can take notes on PDF files, presentations, Word documents, audio and video files with a single tap on your tablet’s screen. And you know what’s amazing about digital notes? They are searchable and can be easily filtered. This is a lifesaving experience on the exam’s night. ► Collaboration as Never Seen Before Mint makes sure everybody is up to date; thanks to push technology and 3G connectivity ► Expand your cloud storage on demand With Mint you can create, upload, share and collaborate with your friends on educational content as never seen before. We made it super easy for students and teachers to collaborate on educational material to reach better understanding. You can take public notes and comment on the notes of your teachers or mates. You can ask a question and get it answered in moments. In Mint we made education an amazingly joyful social experience! ► The Power of Automatic Assessment Your smart device was broken, damaged or even stolen? Don't panic, all you have to do is access your account on a new device and watch the magic as the cloud pushes all your data back ► Immersive educational experience With the magic of Mint’s automatic assessment teachers can create quizzes to measure students’ level of understanding. With different formats of self-correcting quizzes the teacher can create a timed quiz for all of his students and share it with them anytime. Once a student submits his answers his score appears instantly! This can save long hours for teachers to help them put more focus on creating engaging content for their students.


  • Learning is There ... Anytime, Anywhere
  • Collaboration as Never Seen Before
  • Expand your cloud storage on demand
  • The Power of Automatic Assessment
  • Immersive educational experience