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Create a unique variationin your imageswith more than 22+ mirror effects for images to define a new way of adoring yourself in personal photos. Find us: Web: http://queenloftapps.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queenloftapps Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/queenloft/ Twitter: @queenloftapps Email: pinnaclebell@hotmail.com How to use: http://queenloftapps.com/mirror-photo-edit-collage-tutorial/ Make a stunning and bold definition of images with magnificent effects with simply save and share feature online on your windows device. Compatible with all type of universal windows devices such as tablets, pcs and smartphones. Easy to use functionality makes it very versatile and reliable application to work with. Features: • More than 22+ dynamic mirror effects for making cool images • Add multiple filters and effects such as artistic, sepia, negative, etc. • More than 100+ stickers to choose from and add to your images • Apply cool text designs and classy patterns • Crop tool for easy cropping of your image • Very light application • Intuitive design and user interface • Elegant shapes & blur background designs forlighting up your images • Instant sharing on social media Resizable collage of 2, 3, 4 and 5 grids available and free form collage also available. - Pick the layout you like best - Choose photos from your gallery - See them laid out in a cool collage Just drag the grid left right to top to bottom to resize it as per your needs. Combined with basic functionality and powerful features this app completes all your requirement from a photo editor application. Free to use functions allows user to take advantage of well polished features of the app to revolutionize mobile photography. Control the opacity and blur levels of your images for making them more realistic and natural. You can also adjust mirror photos in impressive frames, shapes and text patterns. Live cam of the app offers a very unique feature which is directly shoot and edit image option for customizing with images. Start using it today and discover the impressive features of the app!! Download the app today!!


  • Mirror Collages
  • Grid Collages
  • Adjustable Grid Collages

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24 July 2016

this is the coolest app eeevvvveeerrrrrr


15 July 2016

Funny, amazing and useful app. Thanks.


3 May 2016

I like and it does what it says it does. Just the sticker and text option is useless especially if you have 3 or more pics in a collage.


4 March 2016

best app,,recommend it to anyone