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    What's new in v2.2.0 - Lots of bugs squashed. What's new in v2.1.1 - Bug Fixes. What's new in v2.1 - Now you can sync Swarovski Activity Crystal with your Windows 10 devices. - Stability & performance improvements for Windows 10 Mobile. - Better sleep tracking. - Minor Bug Fixes.


Misfit devices are elegant activity and sleep trackers that encourage and inspire you to live a more active life. Find out how active you are every day, and set goals to improve. Wear our devices anywhere on your body with our range of upgrades including sport bands, leather bands, clasp, and necklaces, designed for comfort and style. Misfit’s long-lasting battery and automatic wireless syncing mean you’ll spend less time plugging in and more time moving.


  • Track your goals: Create a goal and track your running, cycling, swimming and more.
  • Translate activities to understanding: See how your everyday activity translates to stats like steps, calories and distance.
  • See trends: See your activity level over a day, week, or month and watch yourself improve.
  • Sleep soundly: With Misfit’s wearable devices, we’ll show you how you slept.

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9 March 2016



26 February 2016

Started off syncing great, then stopped after 3 days, not data posted at this point which is connected to JIFF, company wellness program.


7 February 2016



30 December 2015

I walked an quarter of my goal today, and then synced. Then I got up to half my goal today when going to the store, but then when I synced my device my activity on the app did not change from an quarter to an half. Then I restarted my computer, and synced again. However after I did that it changed the indicator lights on my device to only show an quarter of my goal completed instead of the half it showed previously. Also the website refuses to show my current updated progress.


14 October 2015

I have a Shine and it was working fine, now it doesn't. On 10/1 Misfit support sent this final note and will not respond to anything else. "I am really appreciated if you can get another device (iOS or Android) by yourself to update the firmware. If the firmware is updated, the clock and activity tracking feature will work. And you can track activities. Please try to update the firmware and let me know if you have any additional question. Thank you so much." I apparently need a firmware update that can not be achieved by using my WINDOWS devices (which is all I have). They are clearly not supporting Windows.


15 September 2015

can download but can not link to my misfit and it is proving very difficult to get any support from the company.


8 September 2015

I have this app on my phone and it's good (not great) but on my tablet, I have been unable to ever get the app to sync after the setup. Ergo useless. And frustrating. It keeps saying that I need to check my bluetooth, however my bluetooth is on and works with other apps.


16 June 2015

I got the shine with the intention of using on my switch with windows since my android phone is on an older system and not compatible. All of the information I had read had talked about sleep tracking (which is a huge factor for me at the moment) and ability to sync with My Fitness Pal. It seems neither of these features work with the windows app, huge disappointment! Now it seems I just have an extra fancy pedometer instead of what I was hoping for. If they update to include these features of course my rating would change but right now I just don't have the functionality that this device promised me.


2 June 2015

I really hope yall at Misfit listen to these reviews cause I don't write them often, but im trying to give some serious feedback. The phone app works decently for me, biggest not on the phone is every time I open the app I must open it twice due to the app always crashing the first time, I can admit I probably don't close the app properly and leave it running in the background so I understand why it happens but at the same time ive never experienced this with another app. Along with other small bugs, and definite improvements can be made overall. To the PC part now, basically it doesn't work for me AT ALL.... :( Bluetooth is on, on my pc. But I cant even sync, get an instant error message that asks if my pcs Bluetooth is turned on. Overall I love the product, the fact that its water proof and automatic sleep tracking are the ever so most convenient features for me, that stood out over other trackers, along with price! please take this review and do what ya can!MuchAppreciated


27 May 2015

This app doesn't work! Since the upgrade, my Shine won't sync at all. I contacted customer support and they gave me suggestions ... all of which I had already tried. Now I have an expensive device I can't use. I bought it because it said it was waterproof and swim a lot, but now I'm thinking that isn't even true. SIGH! I hate getting scammed!!

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