Modern City Sniper Mission - Army Contract Killer

Some high profile terrorist have attacked the city and taken over military headquarters. Some of the secret information is under high risk. Based on your sniper shooting record and past army experience, you have been hired to battle against the terrorist. Being the sole survivor in the recent shootout now you remain alone in this sniper shooting mission. Let’s secure the city and use sniper shooting skills kill all terrorists. Enter the first person shooting game in this modern city sniper shooting game. City is under the attack of some high profile terrorists. Being a professional sniper you have been hired by the higher government authorities to kill them and eliminate every threat. Terrorist have taken over military control systems and even captured people as hostages. City is in a lock-down situation due to terrorist attack. Military needs to do the operation and you have to play as the top sniper hired to take down enemy. Take head-shots and eliminate them all. Move around the threat areas of the city, aim and shoot every criminal you see. Security of the city is in your hands now. Don’t lose hope until you have the sniper rifle with you. This is stealth city mission game where you need to move forward and perform stealth attacks to survive. Terrorist have surrounded the army headquarters. You need to infiltrate the enemy lines and kill them all. Have you played sniper shooting games? Think of fighting for justice and make those terrorist realize how good sniper shooter you are. Precision sniper shooting is the requirement in this case. You are alone on this mission and your sole companion is the sniper rifle. Use it to your best and kill enemies. So what are you waiting for? Download the free game and start action with your Sniper Gun against Terrorists.


  • City Sniper Shooting Mission
  • Realistic 3D Graphics
  • First Person Shooting - FPS
  • Easy & User friendly game controls

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8 March 2016

I check all button on my keypad from laptop. but I didn't get fire button


7 February 2016

Not worth your time the controls are super sensitive any unnecessary touches on the screen spins


6 February 2016

Guess I am stupid..........could not find a help screen or instructions on how to play..............


5 February 2016

like this game