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    (21-Nov-2011) Office viewer, SharePoint, launch EXE (where allowed by the OS) (19-Nov-2017) UI Cleanup (23-Mar-2017) Add Box support (16-Mar-2017) Add Dropbox support (13-Mar-2017) Add Google Drive support (3-Mar-2017) Fix flipview bug (24-Feb-2017) Fix paste bug (13-Oct-2016) Content searching (1-Oct-2016) List and details views (30-Sep-2016) Tear off tabs Drag to select Blue theme Motion design (26-Sep-2016) Multi-window support Custom colour scheme (30-Aug-16) Allow launching using mfe://<target folder> protocol (19-Aug-16) Add folders to search results (7-May-16) Bugfixes (25-Nov-15) OneDrive and ZIP now free! $0 (16-Nov-15) Improve app launch dialog (1-Nov-15) Bundle OneDrive and Zip into base license (9-Sep-15) Reorder favourites with drag and drop (4-Sep-15) Picture viewer (31-Aug-15) Drag/drop and cut/paste with desktop (29-Aug-15) New Win10 version (15-Aug-15) PDF viewer, Win10 changes (12-Dec-14) Compressed file support (28-Nov) Paste to same location Settings Button New license handling code Warn that OneDrive costs extra in trial Sort OneDrive items Show thumbnails for OneDrive items Tooltips Collapse NEW menu Fix tree selection logic (16-Nov-14) Address bar Overwrite option Supress delete confirmation option Remove refresh flicker Buttons for view changes New splash screen (9-Nov-14) New themes New languages JP, RU Bug fixes

Modern File Explorer

Windows Store version of Windows File Explorer using Modern style. Completely redesigned for Windows 10 following new style guidelines. Manage your files with a beautiful, fully customizable File Explorer! See also Fluent File Explorer and Modern File Explorer 2. Copy, move, rename files and folders on all your drives and network drives. Built in PDF viewer. Has integrated OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and compressed file support (ZIP, 7z, TAR, RAR, GZ, BZIP2, TGZ). Also allows writing/modifying ZIP format files. Allows you to easily navigate your file system using a tree view/list view with or without touch. Copy, move, rename, create and delete files and folders. Also supports sharing so you can share your files with other Windows Store apps so you can email files etc. Allows you to manipulate files anywhere on your computer, including removable media such as USB drives, and also network drives (mapped or UNC path) or on OneDrive. Note that the trial version of MFE is fully functional for 7 days. No features are added or removed when you go from trial to paid. Please report bugs or new feature requests through email link so I can work with you to fix/implement. If you don't see your favourite colour scheme, mail me and I'll try and get it in. Some people have experienced problems with Windows display drivers. If you are having problems, try uninstalling and reinstalling as this resets everything, and please email a screenshot of the problem.


  • Manipulate folders and files anywhere on your computer
  • Copy, move, rename and delete files and folders and create new folders.
  • Drag and drop files
  • Share files with other apps
  • Add network shares by UNC path
  • OneDrive support at extra cost
  • Launch files (EXE etc. is not allowed by Windows)
  • Search contract
  • Pin folders
  • Sort by name, date, type or size
  • Compressed file support (read ZIP, 7z, TAR, RAR, GZ, BZIP2, TGZ, write ZIP) at extra cost.
  • Internet Shortcut support (rename URL file to URI or contact support for details)
  • Built in PDF viewer
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box

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4 December 2015

Best app in the store. Outstanding support.


2 October 2015

it s one of the best file explorer so far that I have been using


29 June 2015

This app is the best file explorer available period. Beautiful layout and works perfect, downside being Mr. Tallet is hampered by Microsoft limitations and so can't put in disk cleanup, defragmentation and various other tools that no apps are permitted. It's a shame as it's better than the file explorer Microsoft provides and just as reliable if not more.


4 January 2015

This app is a solid performer. I would like to see hidden files and folders, current storage space for all devices and jumplists on the taskbar icon in a future update. The app is beautiful and easy to use. How about a modern Control Panel?


31 October 2014

I'd buy it, but the search function disappears in portrait mode...


16 August 2014

cool file manager..


9 June 2014

Good application


3 May 2014

I love this app. I use it quite often on my Surface Pro 2. It's very full featured and easy to use. However, one thing I use it for somewhat often seems to be a big buggy. It's just a cosmetic bug but it's disruptive. If I share something to this app via the share charm (usually screenshots), the list of folders to save to is white text on a white background. It's not unless I open the app first that the background isn't white and I can read the options. It's a long-standing bug that hasn't yet been fixed. I hope it does. Other than that, it's a very useful app.


20 April 2014

Love the look of the UI, and the app is responsive. However, it would be great if you could rename and reorder your favorites. Or if at least they were ordered alphabetically. Seems they are ordered in the order you added them. Also, for long running operations (like copying several files from a network drive), it blocks the app and there is no status or feedback on how long the operation is going to take. The Explorer8 has a great feature where it allows multiple operations at once and they don't block the UI. However, I would rather use this app as the UI for me is more pleasing and seems snappy.


15 April 2014

I tried using this to design a folder structure for work. Great ideas/interface, but not a finished product. I quickly encountered more quirks than I can tolerate

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